Saturday, November 13, 2010

KFC's Double Down..... munch on it now!!!

Since I can't wait for 11.14.10, I proceeded to KFC to find out for myself what this shamelessly, meaty from KFC is... and finally shazam!!!


What appeared before my midst was something awesome, something 
I cannot seem to get off my mind, something that will be missing in the next
few minutes....and into my stomach.

What is the DOUBLE DOWN? 
Its made up of strips of bacon, melting cheese, creamy mayo and
2 (two) Original Recipe Chicken Fillet on top and on the bottom.
How does it taste? Hmmm... one last look before I devour it.
The first bite had me tasting the mayo, the tender chicken kicking in and the strong taste of cheese.
The second bite, oh still heaven oh how I love KFC original recipe chicken flavor, then, just came to thought how about some KFC chicken gravy.
Everything tastes great with KFC gravy.  Ah yes! perfect.

KFC Double Down is a winner, I do hope this item stays on the regular menu.  You get your fill of KFC original recipe chicken in a bun-way haha.  Try it with gravy or just munch it down without gravy, they all taste good.  Hope they make a Hot and Crispy type of Double Down someday.... now that would be something!! ZINGER x 2!!!  Don't take my word for it, try it to find out...

KFC Double Down available now at KFC
                                  P 100 ala carte
                                  P 115 with drinks
                                  P 135 with reg. fixin and drinks

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