Friday, November 19, 2010

Bon Chon Chicken... finally here

Right smack in the middle of the action at Ayala Triangle Gardens
a new food adventure begins at Bon Chon Chicken

After browsing at their menu for sometime, I think they really mean business.. Chicken business that is, and they are voted as America's Best chicken.  So here they are bringing their famous chicken to our lands, and yes I am here... so stop looking at your computer and get over here, but wait you have to finish reading this post first... kidding!!
First on the menu, Chicken Chops, P185.  These Chicken chops are boneless, tender, juicy and delicious, you have a choice of Hot and Spicy or Soy Garlic, if you are a regular visitor of Taiwan, then the chicken chops you see here might be different to you.  Well Bon Chon Chicken originated from Korea, it may have some roots from Taiwan but this is totally different from the ones you have tasted in Taiwan.  They are coated with special sauces that makes them taste very flavorful.
Soy Garlic Chicken Legs, this serving size is SMALL at P 185
Mixed Soy Chicken and Hot and Spicy, with serving size of MEDIUM at P 365 a choice of 12 pcs. wings or 3 drumsticks and 6 pcs. wings

I first tried the Hot and Spicy, and yes it was very hot, and as I was taking my second piece of chicken, I can feel that I am leaving my comfort zone when it comes to spiciness and I had a feeling of my lips burning and my tongue getting some real punishment.  So I tried to switch to the Soy Garlic chicken.... 

Oh No!! I can't differentiate the Hot and Spicy to the Soy Garlic one, maybe my tongue got too much punishment or they gave us all Hot and Spicy, or the spiciness from the other wings lingered on my tongue too much that I cannot taste the salty and sweetness of the Soy Garlic chicken.... ohh this is bad. 

Word of advise: Never order half-soy garlic and half-hot and spicy to be mixed together, as they may all look alike, and you won't know the difference between the two.  I suggest just taking one flavor at a time, try the Soy Garlic first, then proceed to some adventure with the Hot and Spicy ones, and not the other way around or you would end up like me.... everything tastes spicy.  Other than that mishap, the chicken should have tasted good, as confirmed by my blogger friends.  So with that I promise there will be a next time.  

Another thing you must know, cooking time for the chicken is at least 15-20 mins., why? it's the quality of the chicken that has to be maintained, that is why they are deep fried fresh, or else it would not be Bon Chon Chicken.  So if you are having your lunch break here, be sure you have extended time, or else you won't make it back to your office in time.

One more thing, if you hate chicken, there is an option to order Bulgogi Rice Box P 125, which is basically Beef Bulgogi with some onions and garlic, but this is not why we came here to Bon Chon to eat right?? So stick to the chicken.

I promise to come back again and order the Soy Garlic chicken only to get my fix somehow I was deprived off in the first place.  Happy Eating!

Price Range - P 200 - up

Bon Chon Chicken
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati City


  1. I've just been to their Greenbelt 1 store. The chicken didn't disappoint! It was crispy, juicy, flavorful, succulent...and all the good things you can think of!

    I wrote about them in my blog:

  2. Chicken wings tasted ok but it was extraordinarily crispy. :) Liked Soy Garlic more than the spicy ones.

    Visited the Ayala Triangle branch and took some pics:


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