Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet Temptations: Gigi's Custaroons.... must have 'em

Oh!!! what are these yummy looking, wonderful treats!!!
It's Gigi's Custaroons!!!

I have once checked online, looking for great treats to have as snacks anytime of the day... literally I was eating the whole day through.  Just then, I stumbled into these marvelous treats, searching and scanning finally I was able to order and have first taste of this so called "Gigi's Custaroons". 

I was really wondering how it would taste like?  Custaroons coming the words custard and macaroons, fused them together what do you get CUSTAROONS!!  It is indeed quite a word, I think we have to tell Wiki about this, would you agree?  At first bite, I was speechless, and then the second bite, all that came from my mouth was mmmmmm......., then I had to blurt it out!! Waahhhhh, it's so yummy!!!

Gigi's Custaroons, has been in the market for years, they have given, taken, gifted, tasted, devoured (that would be me...), appreciated and loved.  After my first taste of custaroons, it has now become part of my Ref list.. not grocery list =)

It is a must that I have at least a batch of bite-size custaroons ready to be eaten anytime...and as my love for Gigi's Custaroons grow, so must that I share this to my friends... and give them on their birthdays and especially the holidays...

Now it's that time of the year again, so it's time for me to order these wonderful pieces of nature...a miracle that is called Gigi's Custaroons.

And as the years have passed Gigi Gaerlan, owner and maker of Gigi's Custaroons have made more treats for us to chew on and here they are:

 Gigi's Poppers
Custaroon balls covered in premium chocolate powder concoction
definitely for any and every child in you, the taste of custaroons is perfect, mix it with cocoa powder ahhh heaven in a ball... available in original, cheese, green tea and coffee (espresso) flavors
Le Petite Square's
Gigi's new creations!! available in cheddar and butter rhum...
I have been very lucky to have had a first taste of this wonderfully made square cakes, and yes I love them sooooooo much!!!! Cheddar is for those who love chewy cakes, while the butter rhum gives you a kick like no other!! Just the perfect treats this holiday season. The same good ol' care and loving made from the purest and best ingredients.

 Gigi's Custaroons comes in wonderfully created and colorful boxes,
you can give them as gifts for friends or just like me keep boxes of them at home to munch on...
 Custaroons come in bite-sized ones
 Or the regular ones....

An added treat!! since it's time again for holidays! Gigi has made her custaroons, poppers and le petitie bars more special by giving them the holiday special edition boxes, What a treat indeed!
Thanks Gigi, you really know how to tickle our hearts...
Custaroons: ORIGINAL
box of 6: P 170.00

box of 12: P 300.00
box of 24:  P 550.00
bite-size . box of 15:  P 180.00
bite-size . box of 30:  P 260.00
bite-size . box of 60:  P 500.00
bite-size . box of 120:  P 900.00

box of 6: P 200.00
box of 12: P 350.00
box of 24:  P 600.00
bite-size . box of 15:  P 200.00
bite-size . box of 30:  P 300.00
bite-size . box of 60:  P 580.00
bite-size . box of 120:  P 1000.00

(bite-sized custaroon balls coated with a premium chocolate powder concoction)

flavors include original, cheese,
bite-size balls . tub of 22:  P 200.00

green tea(matcha) - new, coffee (espresso) - new
bite-size ball  . tub of 22:  P 320.00

Available through delivery at 87878.

Please do visit her website :
for orders, her no. is 0918-8282929
Their FB page is!/pages/Gigis-Custaroons/274795023815?v=wall
Also sold at:
PARVATI - Home made desert shop
G/F Mindanao Lobby, Trinoma Mall
Quezon City

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