Saturday, October 15, 2022

McDonald’s Gives Back with the McDeliverback Program

McDonald’s McDeliverback program aims to give back to their riders, as a way of thanking them for their hard work throughout the year, their resilience and their dedication to their family and loved ones. 

This year McDonald's surprises riders with a gift of family time with their family!

In this day and age, when earning for a living becomes more challenging as we need to provide for our family, we tend to get so busy with our work that we do not get to spend quality time anymore with our family.  As time is our most precious ally, it also is our greatest foe, when we use our time to earn a living, we take away that same time that we get to spend with our family. 

McDonald’s gives back to one of their riders, as they surprise them with no other than the most important people in their life, their family.

Seeing the video, I felt the love, the heart felt emotions, and getting to see these hardworking riders spend time with their family, brought tears to my eyes, feeling a pinch in my heart, I pour my heart out with joy and thanks to McDonald’s for giving these riders a moment together to spend with their family.

We get to have these delivery riders bring to us our everyday meals, not knowing what challenges they encounter every day on the road.  Let’s appreciate them more and give them encouragement, just by saying “Thank you” for every delivery that you receive, would mean a lot to them, as you show them your appreciation. 

With that, I get to appreciate all the more the time that I spend with my family, from simple meals at McDonald’s, to just hugging and a kiss goodnight before we end the day, these things are what makes us a family.  And with that, let us give ourselves the time we need, and even with our busy schedules, make time to spend it with our family.

At the end of the day, only family matters.

Check out the video below and see how McDonald's gives back to their riders.


Thank you McDonald’s for giving back!  Thank you McDonald’s McDeliverback.

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