Thursday, October 20, 2022

Recreate the McDonald’s experience at home with the new Happy Meal Toy Collection!


The Play McDonald’s Happy Meal introduces miniature toy versions of McDonald’s products and equipment

McDonald’s Philippines sparks excitement for kids and kids-at-heart with the launch of the Play McDonald’s Happy Meal— a variety of mini dine-in and drive-thru collectibles. With this new toy collection, not only kids, but all McDonald’s fans out there will get to recreate the McDo experience at home, whether they want to be part of the crew or be a guest.

This miniature toy version of McDonald’s products and equipment provides new activities and experiences to try at playtime with 8 toys to collect in the Play McDonald’s Happy Meal. Most kids dream of trying to operate the cash register, including swiping cards into it. With Play McDo, they can realize this dream with the Spinning Menu Cash Register! They can also learn how to prepare a Burger Happy Meal and cook its famous burger patties during pretend play with the Patty Grill Machine. Other miniature toy versions of the Burger Happy Meal, Happy Meal Box and Tray, Orange Juice Dispenser, Wearable Crew Visor with Microphone, Drive-Thru Order Microphone, and a McDelivery Bag Surprise will enable kids to role play with friends or family creating truly together moments. They can put themselves in McDonald’s crew’s shoes, wear a costume, use props, prepare a meal in the kitchen, or they can also be guests and enjoy the experience from the moment they enter the restaurant to ordering to finishing their meal!  

This Happy Meal program is not only for parents who are looking for new ways to unleash their children’s imagination through pretend play, but also for teens and young adults who are looking for an addition to their novelty items collection! The miniature toy collectibles will bring back their fondest memories of their childhood birthday parties, kiddie crew experience, moments at the play place, or simple dine in moments with their family or friends at McDonald’s throughout the years.

The new Play McDonald’s Happy Meal toys will be available upon purchase of any Happy Meal order via McDonald’s Dine In, Drive-Thru, Take Out, and McDelivery. Share how you’ll recreate your own McDonald’s experience with the Play McDonald’s Happy Meal by tagging McDo Philippines and use the hashtag #HappyMealPlayMcDo.

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