Sunday, June 11, 2017

Festa Italiana at Cucina Marco Polo Hotel Manila

Celebrate an Italian festa for the ages this June, as Marco Polo Ortigas Manila brings Italy to Manila with Festa Italiana.

Italy, a country rich in culture and art also boasts of delectable dishes that has become a staple in almost every continent in the world, let's savor great Italian tastes as Marco Polo Ortigas Manila brings in culinary maestro, Chef Andrea Delzanno from Marco Polo Hong Kong, with his experience and expertise in bringing authentic Italian favorites to Cucina, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila's all day restaurant. 

Chef Andrea Delzanno, born and raised in Piedmont, Italy, has been working on truffles and the best wines since he was a kid.  He started training with chefs with Michelin-starred restaurants from Italy, to New York all the way to Asia.  He has shared his trademark formula for creatively cooking with his favourite ingredients of porcini mushrooms, red prawn, tomatoes, fresh herbs and truffles.

Come and taste Chef Andrea Delzanno Italian specialties at Cucina, but while you're reading this let me take you on a sneak peak at what they have to offer.  Let's start off with some appetizers.. apart form the usual salad bar, taste these Italian delectable appetizers...

Tomato and Buffalo Mozarella Caprese... using only the freshest and finest ingredients, wifey so so love this, she can finish a whole platter if she wanted to, don't tell her I announced it here hahaha.
Mixed Seafood with lemon dressing

Parma Ham with melon... you have to agree with me that one serving isn't enough, just look at that fabulous piece of ham, so sexy! 

Then it's off to a serving of Tomato soup, so amazingly good, no preservatives, just good ol' tomato soup, just how they have it in Italy.

Some of Chef Andrea's Italian specialties with

Garoupa with tomato sauce, olives and potato, is rich in flavor, the scent of the dish is so alluring, you just can't resist but have more.

 Risotto with mushroom, one of the highlights of dinner, if Filipinos = Rice, then risotto it is for Italians, and Chef Andrea really knows his risotto, you just to taste to believe.

The pasta station is all but love for Italian food, making pizzas and pastas to your liking, is an understatement as to what Chef Andrea can make for us. 

This Vongole Pasta is just but one of his favorite pasta creations, whatever you have in mind just give him the task, and he'll do it for you in no time.

On the carving station... Beef Roulade and Leg of Lamb

Beef Roulade made with Chuck steak

Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb with garlic and herbs

Now let's have some dessert...

Feast your sweet tooth with Bubba Rhum, Berry Pannacotta, Fruit Tart, Tiramisu and more dessert creations, remember to always make room for dessert.

Festa Italiana is available for lunch and dinner buffets at Cucina from today until June 18, 2017, Father's Day, so don't miss out on this special Italian Feast.

Celebrate Italy at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. To know more about the hotel, visit

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