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LuzViMinda 5: F1 Hotel's Filipino Feast you must not miss!

Cochinillo by Chef Dennis Uy
Every year in June, F1 Hotel Manila celebrates the Independence of the Philippines with a Filipino food feast featuring the best of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, named LUZVIMINDA!  A culmination of the best dishes the Philippines can offer to everyone!

Now on it's 5th year F1 Hotel Manila with their Executive Chef Decker Gokioco, brings in 3 of the youngest and most innovative chefs the Philippines has to offer.  Presenting Chef Mikel Zaguirre representing Luzon, Chef Dennis Uy for Visayas and Chef Kalel Chan for Mindanao.

Under the guidance of the Director of Sales and Marketing Cindy Brual, and in support of local Filipino culinary flair, LuzViminDa 5 promises to be the most innovative, most daring and has the most diverse mix of Filipino fusion flavors that we have today.

Mikel Zaguirre, who represents Luzon quoted “It’s an honor to do Filipino food and uplift Filipino cuisine,” which is the sole purpose of LuzViMinda ever since it started. Each item was inspired by an heirloom dish which was meticulously crafted by research and adjusted a little bit to adapt the modern palate, added Zaguirre. Unleashing creativity by presenting classical cuisine in a modern setting has what challenged him the most.

Staging as the featured chef for Visayas, Dennis Uy’s technique is about blending flavors and getting inspiration from his travel around the archipelago – cooking in most traditional way and plating it contemporarily. “Sharing our cuisine by giving back to guests & clientele is what food is all about,” said Uy. Cochinillo de Cebu and Pork Humba are just some of Chef Dennis’ masterpieces we should look forward to.

Even though he’s not a Mindanao native, Kalel Chan accepted wholeheartedly the challenge of showing us an array of sumptuous dishes from Mindanao. With his passion for food, Chan started out by studying the classical Mindanao cuisine, reached out to some of his friends for research, and injected his modern way of cooking. “You should try everything, as we (with his team) started from experimental stage, plus the time devoted to research & development trying these dishes, are the things that make these worthy,” when asked what to anticipate from his creations.

With so much choices to choose from one can only wish he could have another stomach to fill in, literally!  Yeah, I mean I really ate so much and had so many refills, but the still is that I wanted more....  so what has made Luzviminda 5 a Filipino Feast to look up to for future Filipino Feasts in the Philippines?  Well, here are some of my favorites and I believe are the standouts of this year's Luzviminda!

Phyllo-wrapped Salmon with itlog ng maalat and lato tempura, is a dish by F1 Hotel's Executive Chef Decker Gokioco, a fusion of a Filipno dish with modern and old flavors, then brought all together for this magnificent take on the classic salmon.

Bulalo Tiyula Itum by Chef Kalel Chan, wondering how bulalo has a blackish soup base?  Well it actually came from the burnt coconut that was infused to the bulalo, giving it a sweet flavorful texture, I totally dig it! 

Humba Cebuano by Chef Dennis Uy, brings in sweet flavors somehow similar to your adobo, but in this case a mix of sour flavors with hints of black beans

Chicken Inasal of Chef Dennis Uy, Chicken Inasal is the perfect chicken dish to represent Visayas, originating from the many islands of Visayas, it has become a national sensation, being served everywhere in the country, with lots of restaurants including it to their regular menu, with its popularity it might even replace our national dish... nah hahaha

Ginataang Curacha sa Aligue by Chef Kalel Chan, if only they we're not hard to eat because of the crab shell, I could have eaten more, but all's well as I have to watch my cholesterol levels you know.  This goes well with rice.. lots of rice

Fancy this, take bihon guisado top it with Lechon Manok, and you have Lechon Manok Pancit by !  A dish so simple yet so amazingly good!  One of the Philippines break-thru dishes in Lechon Manok and a favorite noodle dish pancit bihon, promises endless trips to the buffet spread, yup I had 4 servings of this, and don't mind the carbs, they are worth it.

Crispy Pata Roulade by Chef Mikel, more of the meat less of the fat, music to my ears, eat more and plenty there is always room for more.

Next up are 2 of my favorite dishes for this year's Luzviminda 5, and they are mighty good!

Ribeye Rendang by Chef Kalel, this beautiful piece of meat will never be complete without Chef Kalel's very own Rendang sauce, mixing in the flavors and spices is one sought after dish in this buffet spread, you can't miss it, it is just too intimidatingly good!

Last but not the least is my favorite dish of this spread, Adobong Short Ribs sa Gata by Chef Mikel.  This one hell of a dish is pure genius, thank you Chef Mikel for this, just imagine beef short ribs cooked for 36 hours then bathed in glorious gata, simmered to that fabulous flavor!  

OH MY GOD!  I literally had two bowls of white rice drenched in the gata sauce, but worst of all I wanted more!  If I only had a spare tummy, the beef is tender to the bite without any toughness, just like your favorite steak, so soft and oh so good... do request for a cup of the sauce I promise you would not regret it, and don't forget the rice.

Other notable dishes include Sweet Potato Ukoy, Chorizo Bisaya, and Tempura in Avocado Tempura Sauce

Luzviminda 5 also features a lot of choice salads inspired by Filipino specialties.

Filipino desserts galore, after that sumptuous buffet spread, you have to leave room for dessert, featured here is their Kamote Caramel Fries, Ube Otap Naponoles, Durian Panna Cotta and Halo-Halo Crumble

If there is only one Filipino buffet spread you can take, make it Luzviminda 5!  The diverse and rich infusion of old and new brings out the best Filipino buffet spread for the Luzviminda series of F1 Hotel Manila, it is perhaps the best in all of the metro today.

F All-Day Dining, where the launch was held, will be continuously delivering the advocacy of LuzViMinda – showcasing Filipino dishes, adding the twist of today’s modern culinary artistry, but living the traditional essence of classical cuisine. Visit F1 Hotel Manila from June 9 to 30 to experience a gastronomic fusion for only Php1,699 for lunch or dinner buffet.

For reservations and inquiries, call 908-7888 or visit their website at
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