Monday, March 2, 2015

Available today! Exciting Summer Escapades with Jollibee's Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies and Cream Shake


Jollibee brings us the coolest treats this hot summer with Reese's Mix-Ins and Cookies and Cream Shake.

And yes it is hot!  Yup summer is definitely upon us, you can already see the mercury rising with longer days and shorter nights, but what's stopping us from enjoying the great summer heat!  Let's embrace it with all our heart, even though this year wouldn't be the same with me and wifey staying mostly home for the summer season, still we both get to have our share of the great summer outdoors.

Thank you Jollibee!  Many have wanted this for the longest time and thank you they finally came true!  Yup, they are partnering with Reese's!  Your favorite Reese's mixed with Jollibee's Mix-Ins comes the most exciting summer dessert treat yet!


Unbelievably mouth watering and super satisfying!  This summer is definitely going to be exciting and refreshing with Jollibee’s latest dessert treats, the new Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake. 

Fans of Reese’s chocolate will surely find a new favorite in Jollibee’s Reese’s Mix-Ins, which brings together creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream and the #1 chocolate peanut butter cup in the world in one luscious cup of pure summer delight. 


Another sweet offering is the Cookies & Cream Shake, which offers a delicious combination of creamy vanilla soft-serve, milk and crushed cookies for a truly indulging, rich and satisfying treat.


At only P45 each, Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake are definitely summer’s most refreshing and affordable dessert treats. The Reese’s Mix-Ins is  available as an add-on to your favorite langhap-sarap Value Meals for only P35. While the Cookies & Cream Shake is available as a Value Meal upgrade for only P25.

Make everyday summer adventures exciting and satisfying with the delightful dessert creaminess of the new Jollibee Reese’s Mix-Ins and Cookies & Cream Shake, available for a limited time only at all Jollibee outlets nationwide starting today! March 2, 2015.


Get the Jollibee Reee's Mix-Ins and the Cookies and Cream Shake today at a Jollibee store near you! 

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