Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wham! Burgers hit the spot!

The Whammer!
Wham! now that's what a burger is all about!

Every now and then, I long for a taste of a satisfying and juicy burger, even though the fast food giants provide that for us, there just seems something missing.  It's not the flavor, not the patty, but the passion in making that one great burger.  And yes, I found it in Wham! Burgers!

Wham! Burgers put their heart and soul in making their burgers, with fresh patties (not frozen) made everyday, you can be sure you get only the freshest of meats with every satisfying burger creation.

But first, before we dig in into the mouth-watering burgers let's do the sides.  Some of my favorite include their potato wedges and their pepper poppers.
Potato Wedges P68.00
Pepper Poppers P82.00
I love their Potato Wedges as they are deep fried crisp, so they are crunchy crisp as you bite on it and warm and soft inside, just how I like my potatoes!  But aside from that you just have got to get a taste of their Pepper Poppers!

I would think this is the only establishment that serves this, I maybe wrong but I totally loved it!  From the outside it seems just like nuggets, harmless and boring, but when you take a bite a it, that's where the fun starts!

Loads of green pepper with oozing melted cheese, you might say ooohh that should be spicy, but surprisingly it wasn't.  It just had the right sting to every bite, and honestly I could not stop myself from eating, if not for my upcoming huge meal, I could have taken another order for myself.
Ok now come the burgers!  Let's start small, but honestly these Slider Trio are nowhere small trust me.  If you want a taste all of Wham! Burgers, with each having their own kick to it, then you just got to have the Slider Trio (P250 for three).

Comprising of the Bacon Burger, the Cheese Burger and the Wham! Burger in smaller sizes, the Slider Trio is no easy to foe to beat, and variety is just but a bite away. 

And if one Wham! Burger is not enough, why not have 2.  But let's make things easier for you, order the Double Whammy and you get the best of both worlds!  (P200 for the Double Whammy! and P260 for Double Whammy with cheese)

Two 1/3 lb. pure beef goodness, fresh char-grilled patties, oozing with juices, squeezed in by two layers of cheese, and fresh lettuce.  Can you resist this?  Fill in that big hunger with the Double Whammy!

Next up!  The Whammer (P195)

The Whammer! All-beef 1/3 pound patty with cheese, topped with crisp bacon and deep fried onion strings, ketchup and mustard sauce, tomato, and lettuce.  The King of Wham! Burgers.  Having to devour such a burger was not a problem at all, the mix of flavors and ingredients made it all the more fun and exciting, I could share it with friends but I don't want to.  I want a whole one for myself, you should get one too.
But wait there's more!  Have a taste of their newest offering, the Spaghetti Fries!  Kids would love it, adults well, it brings out the kid in them.  Combine one of the favorite of Pinoy merienda treat, the Spaghetti and the goodness of crisp deep fried french fries, then you got a recipe for success.  

At first I thought this is weird but who's to say until you get a taste of it right?  So stop wondering and get yourself one.


Head on to the nearest Wham! Burgers store and discover what Wham! Burgers are made of.  To locate a store near you, click HERE.  Great tasting burgers is just a bite away with Wham! Burgers!

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