Friday, June 6, 2014

And the fraudsters are haunting us again!

Credit Card Fraudsters are at it again!

Just recently I have been receiving emails from quite no. of credit card companies, giving us a heads up, as well as advising us as to how can we protect ourselves from these credit card fraudsters.

I have blogged about these problems before, way back 2011 from my Manila Life blog, here is the link :, where I myself almost fell prey to this modus operandi, it seems like even with so much security measures that credit card companies have been imposing on their system, there still are fraudsters able to manipulate consumers and tricking them to believe they are indeed the real thing.

So here are some of the guidelines as to what I feel should be able to help against these fraudsters.

  • If you feel that some offers/freebies given to you by the bank (like card upgrades with no annual fees forever) are too good to be true, then maybe they are.
  • If you receive a call out which you did not request for, do not take the call and call your bank instead so that you are sure that indeed it is your bank you are calling and not the other way around.
  • Never give out your CSV to anyone else over the phone, especially if its a call-out, unless you made the call to the bank
  • If you feel that you are dealing with fake call out, cancel the call.
  • Your credit card has a PIN for ATM transactions, never give them out to anyone.
  • After your credit card has expired, make sure to cut your old cards.
  • Credit card companies will never collect your old card, for an upgrade or credit card expiration
I hope these steps would help us identify and stop these fraudsters.  Let's help ourselves and our family members, as well as our friends so that they may not fall prey to these gimmicks.  Share this post to your loved ones if you care for them.

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