Monday, July 11, 2011

Spoon meals at Figaro Coffee Company

Every so often, Figaro Coffee Company gives us more reason to dine and enjoy their coffee, but do you know that Figaro is not just coffee, other than their famous Figaro ala carte meals, now there are Spoon Meals.

Busy days usually make you skip meals. Starve no more with new gratifying Spoon Meals at Figaro. 
Try the new Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce (P215) - deep fried coated chicken fillet poured with creamy cheese sauce. Served with buttered corn and carrots as side dish and steamed rice, it comes with your choice of beverage, iced or brewed coffee or iced tea. Thyme, believed by the ancient Greeks to be a source of courage is also a good source of iron. Though flavorful, thyme does not overpower the taste of chicken. The creamy cheese sauce allows you to savor the crunchy deep-fried chicken with thyme perfect to nourish your body and your metabolism throughout the day. The bursts of flavors from the buttered corn and carrots with the chicken thyme will fill you right after that business meeting or before it at your favorite Figaro Coffee Company.

Chicken Ala King (P215) is diced marinated chicken in special creamy sauce with vegetables served with buttered corn and carrots, steamed rice and your choice of iced or brewed coffee or iced tea. The dish common to all Filipinos served with bread is actually perfect with rice. Chicken Ala King, usually prepared with thickened sauce of butter, mushrooms and other ingredients, is an easy meal served in parties and occasions now available at Figaro. The creamy diced chicken with crisp buttered corn and carrots with steamed rice will set you off to a bright start of the day. You deserve the meal fit for a King because Figaro knows you crave for the Chicken Ala King at parties and business meetings. There's no need to feel guilty over this classic creamy combination of chicken, peppers and mushrooms because you deserve the spoon meal to accomplish those tasks of the day. 
The delicious Spoon Meals of Figaro is now available at all branches any time. 
No need for a knife and have it your way with a spoonful of Chicken Thyme with Creamy Cheese Sauce or Chicken Ala King in bite sizes because you deserve the royal treatment at Figaro.
 Also try out their other sweet offerings such as  
Old English Matrimonial Bar (P49.00)
made from oats, dissicated coconut, and butter with raspberry spread sandwiched in will surely capture the sweetness in every bite
 and this is my favorite Figaro dessert to date,
the Banana Hazelnut Turnover (P69.00)
Banana...good, hazelnut... good, it's all good!!

Also grab yourself a copy of the FIGARO notebook for only P199.00

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