Monday, July 25, 2011

Conquering the Tower Burger at KFC

It was just a few months ago, KFC thought of the just the perfect way to tease me...the KFC Double Down.  It hit stores at such great orders that almost all KFC stores were out of stock!!! Can you believe that?  But as we were munching our way to our KFC Double downs, KFC was cooking up something new, something out of this world, and something really BIG, KFC's Tower Burger!!!

So what is a KFC Tower Burger?  More specifically what is in a KFC Tower Burger, so we got buns, creamy mayo, crisp and fresh lettuce, a hash brown (say what!) yes, you read it right a hash brown, flavorful cheese and the mighty good original recipe chicken patty (same chicken patty as the Double Down).  With much appreciation I was handed my KFC Tower Burger and by golly what a big box it is! Anticipating, and waiting to open and conquer my Tower Burger.

So why is it called a Tower Burger you may ask.  On a good day, meaning your KFC staff is a good sandwich maker, your Tower Burger can go as high as 2 and a half inches, but I guess most of us will just have to contend with a 2-inch high burger, since it is really quite hard to stack it up that high.

So the first thing you will notice is that, it does not follow the sequence of the arrangement for the Tower Burger, as it is quite obvious the hash brown is much better to be at the bottom to be able to hold the sandwich rather than the original recipe chicken patty as shown in the pic above.  But who really cares what is placed up or down in a sandwich right?  What matter most is how would it taste?
All I can say is, it is more than what I had expected.  Having a hash brown in the sandwich is complete genius!!!  Yes I love it!  To whoever thought of making this, I have to congratulate you!  The mayo is yummy, and the hash brown and cheese is complemented well by the original recipe chicken patty, giving it that perfect saltiness and crispiness.  It is definitely one great sandwich, I have to admit that it took quite some time for me to finish it, savoring every bite.  And what satisfaction indeed and for the record I was full the whole afternoon.
Lastly there is a warning on the box that says It's jaw dropping!  And I would say it definitely is so. Thank you KFC for making this, and hoping it would be part of the regular menu.  Get your KFC Tower Burger at your favorite KFC branch now and give in to your cravings.  Hopefully they won't run out. 

KFC's Tower Burger
ala carte for P110.00 and P140 for a meal with reg. fries and drink.


  1. grabeeeee carbs galore and in my mind im thinking heart attack!! :o looks good but too sinful!! :P

  2. I just this on tv! Thank you for this review. Hopefully I get to try it within the week. :)

  3. I guess that'd be more than 1000 calories. But boy does that seem tempting to tackle and consume.

  4. sucks to be on a diet now! well...screw diet! am gonna get some after seeing this review! :))

  5. Oh no, all that carbs! Hihi. I wonder how a girl's supposed to eat through all that.

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