Friday, July 1, 2011

Live healthy and do yourself a flavor with Yoh Froz!

Yoh Froz.. do your health a flavor!

Do you love yogurt?  Did you know that yogurt have so many essential benefits to the body, that can help give you a healthy digestive tract, keep you on the go and cleansed all the time.  What's best is that yogurt can give a nice and fit body because its low calorie, no cholesterol 98% fat-free, has prebiotics and probiotics that help maintain a healthy you.

The newly opened Yoh Froz in Banawe was huge. with so many seats and nice tables you can have your whole angkan here,  Nice and Neat... very pleasing to the eyes indeed.

Now to the yummy part of this post... Yes we all know yogurt with their nice tangy taste, original with a little sour kick, of course its yogurt, but Yoh Froz did something totally different, they made yogurt taste more enticing with their delicious and extraordinary creations.
As you can see from the menu posted here, there has been more than the usual yoh-gurt with toppings, let me take you into a barrage of treats you can only find at Yoh Froz
My friend and blogger Glenn Ong, seem to be very happy with what he is holding, i mean eating.  If he is happy, I guarantee you will be happy.

The Froz Favorites
on the left you have Chocolate Jungle Froz, this is definitely for the kids... with loads their favorite original Yoh Froz yogurt topped with banana slices, rice crispies and a whole lot of chocolate syrup.

on the right we have Fruit Mania Froz, for those health conscious and fruit loving people, this is definitely for you, with loads of kiwis, mangoes, watermelons on top of your favorite Yoh Froz yogurt.

More cravings for you on the left is the much talked about yoh-gurt concoction that you can only find in Yoh Froz. 

Yoh-gurt parfait (P175) with the blend of the perfect, nutritious and delightful toppings, it is fast becoming a favorite amongst Yoh Froz fanatics.  And on the right we have yoh-gurt smoothies (P125-P135), is the healthier alternative to you favorite milkshakes, comes in Mango Banana, Peach Mango and other fruitful concoctions... a definite must-try.

Another new dessert you're going to love is their Belgian waffles  (P135).  On the plate is the Choco Banana Belgian Waffle, I would lie to you if I say that I did not want this.  Really I cannot resist if you see someone eating this away when you get to Yoh Froz, that may be me hahaha....

Last, but not the least... Yoh froz with all their creative and love for health ideas creates even more treats for you to taste in the coming months... I cannot say when, but I'm sure this will be on their line-up soon....

Can you what I see!!! Yoh Froz yoh-gurt mochi balls!!!
oh goodness they are yummy so much flavors to choose from, with the likes of strawberry, original taro, chocolate and even more to come, but what's best is they are yoh-gurt healthy.

Another treat coming your way... Yoh Froz pinipig crunch, in 2 flavors vanilla and chocolate, don't know what they will be calling them when they come out, but this will sure be a best seller.  Watch out for it soon.
Thank you Yoh Froz for inviting us to your grand opening.... surely it will be a mainstay in Banawe and a favorite amongst Quezon City residents, go get one now!!

For a list of their branches CLICK HERE.
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Yoh Froz 
Between Sta. Catalina St. and Sct. Alcaraz St., Banawe Avenue, Quezon City
Open Hours: Sun-Thur 11:00AM – 11:00PM, Fri-Sat 11:00AM - 12:00 MN 

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