Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SM Master Chefs on parade

What are you eating? What will you be eating tonight? What will you be eating tomorrow? Everyday of our lives we ask ourselves that question.  And it is a never ending question for that matter.  Everyday we try to satisfy our craving for the best food that we can get our hands on.  But we want our meals to be fresh, and of course cooked in the most delectable way that we imagine that it is made by the inner chef in us.  So where do we get fresh and good food to cook for our unending search for the best dishes to fill our palates?  No where else but SM Hypermarket.

That’s why on its 10th anniversary, SM Hypermarket sets its sights on creating milestones with its SM Master Chefs program.

First off, nineteen master brands: Knorr, Nestle All Purpose Cream, Unilever Food Solutions, Tabasco, Lee Kum Kee, Lady’s Choice, Maggi, Clara Ole, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, San Remo, McCormick, Bounty Fresh Chicken, CDO, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, Purefoods Star Hotdog,  Magnolia Cheeze spread, Magnolia Purefresh, Magnolia All Purpose Cream and Magnolia Dari Crème – each a familiar staple in today’s Filipino kitchen, join SM Hypermarket to feed the culinary world’s insatiable hunger for innovation.

Together they will launch SM Master Chefs, a composite event made up of three components – a grand cooking demo, kitchen makeovers, and a set of cook-offs that are set to make foodie history.

From July to September, every week in three months, SM Master Chefs will conduct a marathon of cooking demos that will tour SM Hypermarket branches all over the nation.  Not only will these demos serve as a source of entertainment for the onlookers, but also as a venue of culinary discovery for people who are passionate about cooking.

IDr. Mark Steven Perez (top right), IDr. Joselito Soriano, Jr. (bottom right)
IDr Vianca Anonuevo (top left), IDr JC Arcega (bottom left)

Alongside SM Master Chefs Cooking Marathon, two other monumental events will take place.  One is the Kitchen Makeover, where five lucky shoppers will get the chance to have their kitchen redesigned and furnished.  This project will be done in partnership with established designers from the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID). 
The cooking marathon, with big name chefs such as Chef Sau del Rosario, Chef Kai Verdadero, Chef Bruce Lim, Chef Paulo Sia and more.
Last but not the least, SM Hypermarket will also launch a series of Supersized Cook-off events set to make culinary records.  Set in five different locations, each cook off will feature a regional dish and will be undertaken with the help of the local government units and the community. 

Food drives a man, and a man drives a nation, so food drives a nation.  We will be known in the whole world as one of the culinary capitals to visit and savor a array of exciting dishes.  These five months are going to prove exciting for foodies, chefs, and onlookers as the store that has it all brings the message of attainable culinary excellence to every corner of the country.  Just you wait and see.

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