Monday, May 2, 2011

Mercato Centrale... my favorite weekend habit

Mercato Centrale... my favorite weekend market habit has found a new home, and they are now located just beside MC Home Depot at The Fort.  It is bigger and better!! More concessionaires, more food finds and best of all more seats to have your friends together to chat over snacks or lunch.  I know you're all excited as to what food finds we got but first the market.

We have Messy Bessy, one of the best selling stalls that Mercato has to date, as the name suggests she takes care of your messy stuff, from kitchen stuff to houseware stuff they even have their own mosquito repellant perfect to use at our homes and for the protection of our kids...
Now just look how Mercato Centrale evolved into a bigger, and better place for that weekend morning market habit.  As I have said, more stalls, more concessionaires, more food finds and more seats to enjoy good food with friends.

 Goody Kefir 100% all natural Probiotic Drink!
Keep healthy, drink healthy! Fresh milk and yoghurt
A great way to cool off this summer, creamy and nutritious drinks.

Now for our food finds:
1.) Smokehouse sandwiches - price range at around P200 up.

You see the red meat that is being sliced, it is coffee crusted strawberry glazed beef brisket... a new way to enjoy your beef brisket with lettuce, bell peppers and onions in a sandwich...with free kamote chips
Yummy, fresh and delicious....

2.) Rodrigo's Roast - U.S.D.A. Angus Beef Belly Roast P 180 per plate and P 950 per kilo for slab orders

Cooked slow and low... definitely worth the wait, the juices coming out as you slice the Angus beef slab sends a sweet smell of beefy goodness, even a vegetarian will be tempted.

3.) Bale Datung - Pan de Bagnet (P140) Italian porchetta with the Ilocano cracklin' bagnet served in crusty classic ciabatta, flavored with CLAUDE'9 Inasal marinade topped with a burst of kamatis, bagoong, dilis, and onions with sukang Iloko vinaigrette, wow can't imagine how a burst of flavors so intense can taste so good.  Be prepared to fall in line as they are one of the best sellers in Mercato Centrale.

4.) Off Beat Cafe - creator of the much-hyped Krispy Kreme Burger P180 and the Ensaymada Burger.

Simple as it may seem, you have to admire the creativity in the making of this one-of-a-kind burger.  Using the basic glazed Krispy Kreme Donut, adding in a 1/3 pound 100% beef burger patty, load it up with cheese, sliced pork loin  and egg makes a more than hefty meal for one.  Yes this is definitely a rush of all you ever need to continue on the day.

New finds are Chicago Pizza - Deep Dish Pizzas with over 8 flavors to choose from and yes they are a mouthful, priced only at P150 a piece is definitely a steal, try finishing one, you'll definitely be full, share it with your family and friends
They now even have Korean foods brought to us by KBOP - Quick Korean delights, get your quick fix of Korean treats

They're specialty I would say is the Beef Bulgogi as well as their Japchae, reasonably priced from P100 - P120 it was a nice break from the usual burgers and pizzas abound,  they taste ok but they can do better.

An old favorite Manang's Chicken, a regular at Mercato Centrale, never ceases to be one of the favorites of the loyal visitors of Mercato Centrale, I chanced upon this and ordered as they always have a long line of patrons, 6 pcs. chicken wings in original sauce for P120 quite reasonable and the wings are big, the taste was a little too sweet for me, but the next time around i'll try the spicy one...

Mochiko, mochi balls filled with ice cream, definitely a must-try, favorite flavors include Azuki (Red bean), yes I loved it, you bite into the mochi then you get to taste the cold ice cream inside and let the taste of Azuki take over, oh what a delight indeed.  Another favorite flavor is Green Tea, other flavors include Chocolate and Vanilla among others, taste every flavor and get a new treat everytime you bite into one. Priced at P70 each.

I also got to try this refreshing drink from Tea LC, lusciousness in a cup, I guess I'm kinda full with the long list of foods and treats I have tried and posted here.  I got to taste Apple Pie ala mode P90, as I got hold of my drink, I tried to get a straw to sip on it, but was stopped immediately by the owner, I said why?  He explained to me that the drink was not meant to be sipped with a straw but to sip it by the cup... confused, I took their advise, and ohh la la!! A blend of rich apple flavor with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla flavors, yummy but wait.... then the tea kicks in, Oh wow, such a refreshing drink indeed, no wonder it is one of their best sellers, you really have to try it.
They also have milk teas and other refreshing fruity drinks, hoping to see
Tea LC in a store sometime soon.
By the way I got to claim my prize from Mercato Weekend Treats.  1Kilo of Jam Food's and Co., US Angus Beef Tapa, that should make my everyday breakfast wonderful for the whole week.  Thank you Mercato Centrale, thank you Jam Foods and Co., and special thanks to RJ Ledesma for helping me claim my prize.
Lastly, if you have got nothing to do this weekend of May 8, 2011, take your mom on Mother's day for a spin and have a taste of good food really is.  And for the dads and boys, get to watch the Pacquiao - Mosley fight for FREE only at Mercato Centrale via Live Telecast.
Catch the LIVE TELECAST of the Pacquiao Mosley fight for FREE at Mercato Centrale on May 8! Enjoy your favorite Mercato treats while watching the best pound for pound fighter in the world! Brought to you by Gatorade and Changhong Led TV.  So why spend for a live telecast when you can watch it for FREE, and with the company of good friends and good food.

See you at Mercato Centrale.

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