Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yakult your way to a healthy you

a featurette by Joanna Lim

It was one Saturday morning, Sophie, a blogger friend invited my husband Abet to join them for a tour at the Yakult facility in Laguna.  Since hubby could not attend, I was given my first ever assignment to do a feature for The Food Alphabet.  What a challenge for me... even though I do know that my blogger friends will guide me through the day, so here we go.

Armed with a point and shoot camera, we were met by Sophie's sister at Shangri-La mall en route to the Yakult factory in Laguna.  Never in my life would I imagine myself being there so after a short ride, we finally arrived and we were toured within the facility.  It was quite a discovery how Yakult, a small bottle of cultured milk can bring about so many benefits to kids and adults alike.
  • It has live Lactobacilillus Casei Shirota Strain
  • Gives you a healthy digestive system
  • Retains and promote intestinal health
  • Protects against infections
  • Improves the general immunity of the body
We toured through the conveyer facilities where thousands and thousands of Yakult are being sorted and packed before getting delivered to you favorite supermarkets, sari-sari stores and who can forget your friendly neighborhood Yakult trolley ladies - the Yakult lady system which has been around for the longest time.
 Look at all those Yakult bottles coming out of the production line...
if Abet is to see this what a joy indeed for him, he loves his Yakult!
 This is where they packed it into 5 pieces, the finish
product is what you see in your supermarket shelves.
 Yakult which was invented in Japan, also developed many types of healthy drinks as well such as milk drinks, probiotic drinks, yogurts and beauty cleansing healthy products through the years specially catering to the Japanese market.
A survey in Japan revealed that more than 98% of its consumers associate Yakult's container form to the brand, the form of the container has not changed since 1968.  The Yakult products sold overseas also carry the same shape and has been registered as three dimensional trademark in Japan as well as United States, Europe and recently, the Philippines.

Yakult is also proven to prevent Infantile acute diarrhea, due to its key ingredient, Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota.  Yakult embraces Dr. Minoru Shirota's advocacy of "preventive medicine" and a "healthy intestinal track leads to a long life."

Me, and the girls Nikki, Rowena and Sophie
loving the Lactobacilli Shirota strain mascot...
It was so much fun and indeed a world of wonder to be able to visit Yakult Philippines.  Thank you for inviting us over.  A trivia for you, do you know that Yakult Philippines produces 1,600,000 bottles of Yakult a day, and soon more as indeed healthy conscious people are drinking Yakult more.  

As I end my day of visit at Yakult Philippines, I can't help thinking how Abet would have loved to come here, and his question as always is can I get a bigger bottle of Yakult?  Yakult is always on the top of our grocery list and that will never change for all time.

Me, enjoying my Yakult

Live healthy, drink Yakult everyday and as the tagline goes "OK ka ba tiyan?"


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