Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hainanese Chicken rice.... now at Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers, the no. 1 roasted chicken chain in the country, brings us Singapore's most loved chicken rice.
Say Hi to Hainanese Chicken Rice.

much to my delight, my favorite roasted chicken of all time now has a worthy opponent, I'm talking about my appetite that is, Kenny Rogers' Hainanese Chicken rice gives us 3 flavorful sauces to dip our freshly steamed chicken.  Surprises come in three as they say, with chili sauce (which for me is kinda like a light Sambal sauce), Ginger sauce and the dark sweet soy sauce. The Sambal sauce has a little spice kicked into it, while the garlic sauce was fresh and healthy, the Hoisin sauce would find their palates amongst children.  Overall, I still loved how the ginger sauce was made, just the ones I used to have when I was in Hong Kong.  Sad to say I have never been to Singapore.... planning on that soon.

Hainanese chicken has been a staple food for Singaporeans all over the world, and has now gained recognition all over the world as one of the most sought after dish in the world.
 Served on the platter are 1/4 Hainanese chicken, garlic fried rice, yummy pipinos and chicken broth, which tastes a little more of Tinola, that is to match the taste of Filipinos as interpreted by Kenny Rogers here in the Philippines.  With the price of P185.00, give it a try.
Kenny Rogers' new breed of young and health-conscious Ambassadors
Phil Younghusband of the Philippine Football Team Azkals together with Professional Triathele Mica Tantuico
Philippine athletes support and gives a thumbs up to healthier eating with Kenny Rogers Roasters.  See you at your favorite Kenny Rogers' soon.  Kenny Rogers' Hainanese chicken, a healthier way to eat chicken for a healthier you.

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