Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Army Navy - the way to a Man's heart

It was one evening where disappointments came, and I was quite down, so we decided to have dinner out instead of spending it a home, we were in the neighborhood of Tomas Morato, and luckily we found Army Navy and OH YES!  We made the right decision.
Army Navy had a very cozy set-up, the seats were like you're being in military barracks and food is being served by the kitchen officers, but in this case you are the boss. Good thing now I'm hungry.

Ok let's start the ball rolling, I'll start with very special mention..... I LOVE THEIR LIBERTEA!!!!!  Well you maybe wondering what that is, well its their very own freshly brewed iced tea!  Nice catch name if you ask me.  I can finish a liter of Libertea in a sip, really that's how much I loved it!  And with such a friendly price of only P45 for a regular one and P55 for a large one. I finished 2 large Liberteas, just in case you may want to know.
The Onion Rings (P60.00) crispy coated fried onions and Freedom fries (P60.00) seasoned thin-cut potato fries, perfect for my 2 large Liberteas.  Zesty and delicious, crispy and always my favorite kick-offs to a delicious meal.  Wifey stops me from getting these, but what can you do when they look ohh so delicious.

The Double Burger, (P185) two quarter-pound beef patties with crispy lettuce, tomato slice and onions mayo and ketchup, make up all I want in my burger, hot fresh and oh so beefy, mix it up with additional toppings such as cheese, bacon, jalapeno or sauteed onions for an additional 15-25 bucks, makes it all worth it. 
My favorite food amongst all of their offerings FEARLESS Fried Chicken P135.00 for 2 pieces of flavorful crispy chicken quarter drumstick-thigh, served with rice and pepper gravy, you know I'm a sucker for chicken, but this one is different, though it may look the same as other fast food chains out there, but the taste and juiciness of the meat is just so enticing, I could eat here everyday.  The pepper gravy made it even better, they cook the chicken only upon order so its hot when they serve it to you and I guess that makes the difference, freshly fried, hot and delicious FEARLESS Fried Chicken.
Another entree is their Soft Taco, they look really meaty and delicious, my friend took a bite of it and loved it, I was so full from the chicken and fries and onion rings, I gave it only a bite and it tastes good as well, but you know me I'll go for the FEARLESS fried chicken anytime...
And as the signage says.... Misson Accomplished!
I'm full and I'm Happy.  Thanks Army Navy.

Oh and they got some a cool promo, come on Taco Tuesdays, Get a FREE Regular LIBERTEA with every taco order.  So head over to your nearest Army Navy joint, and order away.


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