Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Water Plus.... Water that fits your lifestyle


WaterPlus Reduce is a revolutionary weight loss  water product packed with 300mg L-Carnitine and 2 grams of Fibersol.  L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps increase fat-burning properties in the body while Fibersol is a water soluble fiber that help maintain a healthy digestive track.
What’s good about  WaterPlus is its near water formulation.  Like water, it is light and refreshing, no heavy flavors, just a hint of your favorite fruits. Choose from either grape, apple, or lemon & berries WaterPlus Reduce variant. Unlike other weight loss drinks, it has zero sugar and zero calories which enables you to burn more fats without  adding extra pounds.

For people trying to maintain or loose weight, it is highly recommended that they pair their meal with a bottle of WaterPlus Reduce. The added L-carnitine in WaterPlus Reduce will help them burn calories faster  thus minimizing unwanted calories that turn into fats.

As they say keeping a healthy body is not done through proper diet alone, excercise is still a must.  WaterPlus Reduce enables health buffs  to maximize the effects of their workout. The L-carnitine in WaterPlus increases the amount of calories burned per minute compared to rehydrating with just plain water.  The fibersol on the other hand helps flush out lactic acid produced during exercise.

With WaterPlus keeping you healthy and fit has never been this easy. Whether you’re feasting or mountain climbing, make WaterPlus your adventure partner to a healthy lifestyle!


  1. is WaterPlus part of your diet now? For me, WaterPlus have replaced my usual hydration on my run trainings :)

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