Thursday, October 7, 2010

Experience Ginzadon

Newport City, Pasay is the next happening place in the Metro, with the NAIA 3 just at the opposite side. 2 new hotels in our midst, a world class casino.  Resorts World Manila is the place to be.  With so many things happening you would wonder, do the people here ever sleep?

Such is the fascination of this wonderful part of the Metro, I am starting to think of relocating here... seriously. Now one thing that is really making me want to live here is this.....GINZADON.

Situated on the second floor of Maxims Hotel, Ginzadon is mix of authentic Japanese cuisine and a wide array of Korean specialties.  Crave Sushi? missed Kim Chi, then this is the place where you should be.

Korean appetizers
 Jap Chae P 350 - serving good for 2
it tasted like the one, me and wifey had in Seoul, delicious
 Salmon Sashimi - P450
only the freshest catch from the sea
 Seafood Teppanyaki
this is definitely a must-try, seafood galore, serving is very big
what's small, the plate
 Sashimi Platter - P 1880
An assortment of seven favorites, Salmon, Tuna, Uni, Tako (octopus),
Hokegai (scallops), Ika (squid) and Saba (marinated mackerel)
What a great dish to behold
 Yakimeshi - P160
this is one of the most delicious, might I say the most delicious
Japanese fried rice I have ever tasted, hot and freshly cooked 
the serving is good for 2, but with my built it's just enough
 Ebi Tempura - I loved this so much!!! 
Tiger Prawn Tempura, so few Japanese restaurants serve this now
 Black Sesame Seed smoothie - P 78.00
you have to try this for desert, it's off the menu,  just ask the servers about it
Galbi Jim - P 1190
Black Angus beef ribs braised in soy sauce with carrots and radish
a must try for beef lovers
All meals are cooked with the best care, grilled to perfection
 It does not miss out on the ambiance, you would feel you're in some fancy restaurant in Japan.

Overall it was one of the best Japanese and Korean meals put together, they definitely blend well, there is still an awful lot of dishes I have to taste here.  Would I go back here, definitely.  Thank you Resorts World for the wonderful dinner.

Price Range - P 350 - up

2nd floor, Maxim's Hotel
Resorts World
Pasay City, Philippines


  1. the black sesame seed smoothie looks so tempting!! :D awww pasay's too far for me though. But i'll keep this in mind just in case im in the area :)

  2. Yes it really is quite delicious... thanks for commenting =)

  3. Jap Chae for P350?? we find this a bit steep. unless its full of prawns and other seafood.

  4. my favorite was their sashimi/sushi platters! YUMMY!!!


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