Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's more to water in Waterplus Reduce

A group of bloggers were invited to the launch of WaterPlus Reduce at Lu Restaurant at Rockwell, Makati. A few food bloggers and quite a number of sports / running bloggers were there in attendance,  I was so amazed  at these running bloggers as most of them have accomplish what I could only see myself doing in my dreams that is climbing mountains, running 42K marathons, hiking treks... you name it they have done it. I envy them for they keep themselves lean and healthy, hope someday I would have accomplished at least 1/4th of their accomplisements.

Co-hosted by the lovely Andi Manzano who also incidentally is the model for Water Plus Reduce.  I was really glad Andi Manzano is the model for Water Plus, she is really something, having a healthy lifestyle, keeping fit and yes, always an eye-candy.  Well, admittedly I am a food addict, I eat and eat without remorse and not thinking of the calories I pack in, not even considering that my blood cholesterol levels are red lining.  That night made me think, as we were being introduced to Water Plus Reduce, maybe it's time to change.

WaterPlus Reduce is a new revolutionary weightloss water product packed with 300mg L-Carnitine and 2 grams of Fibersol.  L-Carnitine is  an amino acid that helps increase fat-burning properties in the body while Fibersol is a water soluble fiber that help maintain a healthy digestive track. 

Wow something so simple yet can be so healthy for our body, I like it.  It comes in 3 delectable flavors Apple, Grape and Lemon and Berries.  I personally liked the grape-flavored one.  What's nice about it is that it just gives you a pinch of grape yet is not too sweet.  You're just like drinking water with a plus...

     starting today this is my new diet... salad and Water Plus Reduce
Wish me Luck!!

So to better promote awareness to a healthy you Water Plus Reduce brings you:

The Active lifestyle Water Plus photo contest
Grand Prize: Canon 550D kit
2nd Prize: Apple iPad
3rd prize: iPod Nano
Most liked Prize: iPod Nano
Any dynamic activity with WaterPlus in the Photo

  1. Must be a WaterPlus Facebook fan (
  2. Open for amateur and professional photographers
  1. WaterPlus must be present in the photo
  2. Photo must be taken in the Philippines
  3. Photo can be taken using either DSLR or point & shoot camera.
  4. No composite and digitally manipulated photograph allowed.
  5. 2 photo entries per fan
  6. Entry must be in JPEG format
  7. Name of entry must be the name of the Fan
  8. Must be originally taken by the Fan
  9. Ownership of the photo remains to the fan
  10. Zest-O employees and relatives up to 2nd degree of sanguinity are excluded
  11. Entry must not have any watermarks
  12. Entry must be taken during contest period
  13. The Best Photo will be chosen by WaterPlus panel of judges.
Send your entry to from October 20, 2010 to December 20, 2010.
*WaterPlus reserves the right to reproduce, use, print and publish all submitted entries


  1. hello!

    this contest is amazing! but still thinking if gotta join.hehe..

    by the way, i stumbled upon ur site after looking for info about reduce waterplus..keep posting!happy blogging!

    care for exlinks?ping me if you do..thanks!

    I am...but GAGAY
    Pinoy Medical Doctor
    The Latest Buzzzz

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