Friday, October 1, 2010

Delectable delights at the Congo Grille

We recently dined in at Congo Grille at SM Mall of Asia. The place was full and since it was a Sunday, lines were piling up.  Good thing is we got there early, so there were seats available for us.  I really find it a treat to see the servers in jungle uniform walking around, it is like they just hunted the food to cook for us.... haha enough with the chit chat.  We ordered some of our favorites on the menu, classic ones that never fails to satisfy our palate.
 First up, Pinakbet P 140 - I don't like Pinakbet personally, but my dad loves it, and when I say my dad loves it, yes it is good food... he's kinda picky
 Chicken Sisig P 175 - We got this for free!!!!
to know how we got it for free please read on
 - Always a better alternative to Pork Sisig -
 Adobo Rice P 135 - This serving is good for 3.  
It lacked a little flavor, maybe because the adobo sauce did not
really get through the rice, I do hope they improve on that.
 Kare - Kare P 235, looks good, tastes delicious, 
always a must order when in a Filipino restaurant
 Country fried chicken P 245, a treat for the kids
crispy skin, soft and juicy inside, always brings joy to the kid in me
Grilled Pusit  P 290, grilled to perfection 
just look at how fresh it is, soft and crunchy at the same time
The place had just enough lighting, to make it cozy for family dinners and gatherings.  A perfect place to spend dinner.  Now about the FREE Chicken Sisig, they do have a card promo, sad to say they don't mention it to you voluntarily so you have to ask for it.  Anyways, no trouble at all as you get to eat a free dish so why not?  You need to have an HSBC credit card and you must charge your total bill on your HSBC card to avail of the promo.  What's in store for us?

Spend P500 on your food bill and you get a Sisig (choice of pork, chicken or tuna) for free.
Spend P1,200 on your food bill and you get a Grilled Pusit for free.

Now you can only claim an item of your choice even if you dine more than the required amount.  You cannot claim both items.  Well, that's it for now, stay tuned for more food trips...

Food Range - P 150 - 500

Congo Grille
G/F Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia
556-0108 / 556-0109 

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