Thursday, February 8, 2024

Hilton Manila presents Golden Lunar Celebration: An epicurean journey at Hua Yuan Brasserie Chinoise

Elevate your Chinese New Year Celebration with a harmonious blend of indulgent menus,  reunion sets, auspicious hampers, and exclusive dine-in and takeaway offers.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, Hilton  Manila's signature Shanghainese restaurant, Hua Yuan Brasserie Chinoise, welcomes  guests to immerse themselves in an array of exciting Chinese New Year offers in their  Golden Lunar Celebration promotion.

In celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year, Chinese Executive Chef Xu Qiao Yuan  crafted an indulgent ala carte menu featuring Lunar New Year favorites for dine-in and  takeaway. 

The vibrant Yee Sang also known as the Prosperity Toss Salad is available in  portions catering to three or fifteen persons. Highlighting the menu is the abundant Luxury Poon Choi at PHP 40,888++, this lavish and traditional Chinese dish believed to  invite prosperity features a hefty serving of 25-Head Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw,  Scallop, Mushroom, Beef Tendon, Suahe, Pork Knuckle, Fish Ball and Quail Egg.  Additionally, the Braised Pork Belly with Abalone offers a delectable and harmonious blend of flavors at PHP 2,688++ per person, while the Whole Peking Duck (served two  ways), priced at PHP 5,888++, exemplifies the restaurant's culinary excellence and  commitment to celebrating the Lunar New Year with sophistication and flavor.

In the spirit of family gatherings and reunions to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Hua Yuan  Brasserie Chinoise introduces an array of curated Reunion Sets available from 1-18  February 2024. The Prosperity Set (serves six people), priced at PHP 25,888++, promises  a delightful ensemble featuring lavish ingredients like Female Crab Aged in Chinese Wine,  Fragrant Tea Smoked Half Duck, and Steamed Black Garoupa in Black Bean Sauce,  culminating with a delectable Black Sesame Rice Ball in Chilled Coconut Jelly. Meanwhile,  the Wealth Set (serves six people), at PHP 52,888++ showcases gastronomic treasures  such as Double Boiled Pork Spareribs with Japanese Conpoy, Szechuan Black Garoupa,  and concludes with a harmonious Taro Cream paired with Black Sesame Rice Ball. For  those seeking an opulent feast, the Grand Fortune Set priced at PHP 148,888++ offers an  extravagant spread with highlights including Sauteed Lobster with Garlic Butter, Whole  Imperial Peking Duck prepared in two distinct ways, and a sumptuous Lotus Seed dessert  accompanied by Birds Nest and Black Sesame, serving up to ten discerning palates.

At the heart of the celebration are the meticulously crafted Auspicious Hampers. Guests  can choose from the Deluxe Hamper featuring a Tikoy Box, Dalmore 15 Years, Meat Jerky,  White Rabbit, Alfredo Almond Chocolate, Egg Roll, Longjing Tea, and a Tea Set priced at  PHP 29,888 nett, or opt for the opulent Premium Hamper at PHP 49,888 nett, featuring  exquisite items including a Tikoy Box, Dalmore King Alexander, Pistachio Nuts, Brookside  Chocolate Berries, Bird's Nest, Royal Dansk, 4-Head Abalone, Ginseng, Longjing Tea, and  a Tea Set. 

For those seeking a taste of tradition, the Tikoy Box, priced at PHP 2,488 nett,  offers two Koi Fish-shaped Tikoy (230 grams) that symbolize prosperity and good fortune.  Bulk and corporate orders of 100 boxes and above enjoy a 20% discount. The exclusive  savings come with customization options to include company logos upon request.

Embrace the spirit of the season and create unforgettable memories with Hilton Manila's  Golden Lunar Celebration at Hua Yuan Brasserie Chinoise. For inquiries and reservations,  please call +63 2 7239 7788, send an email to MNLPH_F& or visit and elevate your Chinese  New Year festivities with a symphony of flavors, luxury, and tradition.

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