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New World Makati Hotel Kicks Off the Lunar New Year with an Auspicious Dining Experience at and Feng Shui Forecast

As the mighty Wood Dragon ascends in 2024, New World Makati Hotel invites guests to celebrate Chinese New Year with auspicious menus at the renowned Jasmine restaurant as well as a Feng Shui Forecast for the year by geomancer Patrick Lim Fernandez of Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony. 

The hotel likewise offers a gift-worthy nian gao (tikoy) in elegant packaging.

Chinese New Year Culinary Creations at Jasmine

Jasmine’s offers come with two crafted set menus, designed to usher in a prosperous Lunar New Year. Each menu is available for a minimum of four persons and includes a box of nian gao.

The Prosperity “Yu Sheng” salad, which is mixed and tossed at the beginning of the meal during Chinese New Year to symbolize elevating or higher , is an optional addition to Jasmine’s two set menus. A lead time of at least 48 hours is required to order the dish.

Set Menu I includes the Braised Abalone Mushroom in Crabmeat Broth, for longevity, Wok-fried Prawns in Black Pepper Sauce, Steamed Fish Fillet in Superior Sauce, Braised Chinese Black Mushrooms, Sea Moss & Kailan, Steamed Rice with Preserved Sausage in Lotus Leaf, with auspicious desserts: Hot Cream Red Bean Soup and Lotus Seeds and Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Milk Chocolate, as well as a beautifully packaged box of Nian Gao, symbolizing rising prosperity.

Set Menu II includes Braised Assorted Seafood in Fish Maw Broth, Pan-fried Tiger Prawns in Spicy Bean Sauce, Steamed Live Garoupa in Superior Soy Sauce, Braised Dried Oyster with Sea Moss in Premium Oyster Sauce, Misua in ‘Fujian’ Style, Double Boiled White Fungus with Lotus Seeds and Steamed Piggy Buns with Milky Egg Cream.

Brandon Ng, Jasmine’s Executive Chinese Chef, warmly shares insights into the restaurant’s special offerings for the Year of the Wood Dragon: “To usher in the Year of the Wood Dragon, we've thoughtfully crafted two distinctive set menus, each infused with ingredients carrying unique auspicious meanings. Our set menu includes prawns, which typically signify your hope for a year filled with happiness, while a whole fish on the table symbolizes abundance and the completion of projects. Abalone represents good fortune, while dried oysters, pronounced ‘ho si’ in Cantonese, is a homonym for good deeds or events, and add a touch of luck to your Chinese New Year spread.”

Meanwhile, guests can enjoy classic favorites and new treats in Jasmine’s special All You Can Eat Dim sum menu for Chinese New Year. They can indulge on timeless dishes like the “Har gao” or shrimp bamboo shoot dumpling, the Shanghainese pork dumpling “Xiao long bao” and “Siu mai”, pork, crab meat dumpling, while savoring limited-time items such as the beef and mango net spring roll, fried bean curd with lobster, steamed garoupa fillet with bean curd, and much more.

Feng Shui Forecast by Patrick Lim Fernandez

Geomancer Patrick Lim Fernandez of Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony shared his forecast for the year of the Yang Wood Dragon, giving special instructions for each zodiac animal.

1. Rat: Embrace your role as a leader with a strong authority star. Be clear in communication, prevent misunderstandings, and prioritize over-communication, especially within family. Watch out for potential injuries by preemptively addressing health concerns after February 4.

2. Ox: Enjoy a prosperous year for money. Explore diverse income sources, consider bold investments, and make the most of travel opportunities. Ensure your passport is up to date for potential international ventures.

3. Tiger: Focus on achieving financial milestones and broaden your perspective through new experiences. Manage heightened sensitivity, communicate openly with others, and identify triggers to avoid conflicts. Stay resilient and patient throughout the year.

4. Rabbit: Surpass your goals with the surpassing path star. Visualize success, but beware of turning small matters into bigger issues. Prioritize health check-ups and adopt preventive measures. Clarify communications to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Dragon: Leverage your talents and showcase them to the world. Embrace creativity and brainstorm with others. Manage the frenetic energy with balance and ensure harmony in career, health, relationships, and financial luck.

6. Snake: Benefit from the Taiyang star's energy, especially during daylight hours. Experience strong luck in male relationships and focus on love languages, particularly related to food. Celebrate milestones with enthusiasm and joy.

7. Horse: Navigate challenges with the Sky Relief Star, expressing gratitude for unexpected help. Practice patience and resilience to overcome obstacles. Be cautious, but also appreciative of support from others.

8. Goat: Seize new opportunities by networking and meeting new people. Avoid being overly ambitious and steer clear of entanglements in others' affairs. Stay focused on your lane and be mindful of your actions.

9. Monkey: Embrace the Three Achievement Star, focusing on accomplishments and learning from experiences. Adopt a long-term perspective for planning. Manage nuisances with a positive channel, turning challenges into opportunities.

10. Rooster: Prioritize activities using the ikigai concept. Seek mentors for guidance and be cautious of relationships that may not be beneficial. Utilize your unique strengths to accomplish tasks efficiently.

11. Dog: Navigate conflicts with resilience and caution. Be vigilant about health and financial matters, seeking support from others. Approach relationships with care and consider collaborative efforts.

12. Pig: Experience expansion in personal and professional aspects with the Emperor star. Network for new opportunities and engage in creative problem-solving. Exercise caution during travels to prevent potential mischief or robbery.

He also shares that the Yang Wood Dragon year is a good year to showcase your talents and strengths, embracing benevolence and generosity. Yang wood signifies growth, offering opportunities for personal, professional, and societal development. For 2024, the color of regal green is considered lucky, while the wood industry, knowledge sector, environmentalism, legal, and accounting professions are expected to thrive. A trend of independence, building reputation, and looking inward emerges. Female empowerment is on the rise with a surge of yin energy. Conflicts may persist, but water elements offer hope for resolutions. In the Philippines, economic stability is predicted, and it's a favorable time for investments. He adds that in the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, observe a few of the practices generally believed to bring luck and prosperity for the year ahead, including getting a haircut, wearing new clothes, using bright colors, and incorporating symbolic items like overflowing grains, round fruits and red envelopes. Avoid sweeping your floors during the new year, as this may signify an intention to sweep your luck away.

Auspicious Gifts for a Soaring Year

The hotel’s nian gao is a delectable symbol of good fortune and rising prosperity, meticulously prepared with premium ingredients. Choose from the classic Round Nian Gao (PHP 1,188 nett) or the auspicious Koi Nian Gao (PHP 1,188 nett), both presented in elegant gift boxes, or elevate the packaging even further with Round Nian Gao in an octagon hard box (PHP 1,588 nett) or the Koi Nian Gao in a square hard box (PHP 1,588 nett).

To know more about New World Makati Hotel’s Lunar New Year Offers, guests can visit or check the official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.   

About New World Makati Hotel Hotel

New World Makati Hotel Hotel is a world-class deluxe hotel located in the heart of Makati. With a thoroughly modern vibe and hints of Oriental influence, the hotel features 580 guestrooms and suites with Residence Club executive floor accommodation, a business center, sophisticated dining options, a well-equipped fitness center with sauna and spa, an outdoor swimming pool, and 1,800 square meters of dynamic function space for meetings and conferences.

The hotel is located directly across Greenbelt, the country’s premier lifestyle shopping center. It is also nine kilometers from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and within steps of many embassies, as well as Manila’s top business addresses and upscale shopping venues.

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New World® Hotels & Resorts is part of Rosewood Hotel Group, one of the world’s leading global lifestyle and hospitality management groups. New World Hotels & Resorts is comprised of upper-upscale hotels and resorts with a primary focus on gateways and getaway locations in Greater China and other markets in Asia. Each New World property is committed to delivering modern and genuine Asian hospitality experiences for modern leisure travellers and locals, through food, design, and communities. Our properties strive to deliver positive impact by adopting sustainable practices and actively fulfilling the group’s commitment to social responsibility. The brand manages a collection of 17 properties located in China, The Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Across all properties there are more than 300+ rooms offering a full range of convenient amenities and services, including a variety of restaurants, business services, flexible meeting facilities, Residence Club executive floors and recreational options.

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