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When Love Blooms Between Two Cultures

Japanese brand Almond Koka collaborates with Auro Chocolate for a Valentine's pop-up café

Love transcends borders especially when two share the same passion. The same is true for Japan’s most-loved almond milk brand, Glico’s Almond Koka and award-winning Filipino tree-to-bar chocolate brand Auro Chocolate – who both share the same passion for championing culinary diversity. That’s when love blooms.

This Valentine’s season, the two teamed up to create ORINASU CAFÉ, a special pop-up cafe that marries together Japanese and Filipino cultures through lovingly handcrafted drinks and treats. Located at MITSUKOSHI BGC, ORINASU CAFÉ will add more sweetness to the season from February 1 to February 19, 2024.

Japan’s No. 1 and the Philippines’ Finest

From the makers of the globally loved brand, Pocky, Glico’s Almond Koka is Japan’s best-selling almond milk brand, known for its superior quality taste–all thanks to the company’s relentless pursuit of quality and Japanese technology. Yet another signature work of Glico’s finesse at blending great taste with nutrition, Almond Koka offers a richer and stronger nutty flavor because of the emulsifying method of adding honey and almond oil to ground almond paste.

Collaborating with Japan’s Almond Koka is the Philippines’ premier chocolate brand, Auro Chocolate. The chocolate company carved its path to the global chocolate scene by earning prestigious awards at esteemed international chocolate competitions. For this new concept, Auro Chocolate prides itself in working with MITSUKOSHI FRESH in selecting only the finest Japanese ingredients – such as Matcha, Hojicha and Miso – to be used in crafting the menu. And in line with Auro’s meticulous, innovative, and time-tested know-how, this collaboration with Almond Koka brings out the best in Filipino & Japanese epicurean cultures. 


Japanese for 'weave’, ORINASU is exactly what the pop-up cafe symbolizes: the weaving of two cultures through the harmonious fusion of Almond Koka’s and Auro’s product versatility–as seen with the cafe’s limited-edition line of “Choc Au Lait” vegan-friendly drinks and snacks.

Gracing the menu is the fascinating drink that is the Miso Salted Caramel! This luscious vegan-friendly white chocolate drink combined with Maruhide’s top-quality Miso, Auro’s Salted Caramel and Almond Koka - our take on Salted Caramel with a Japanese Twist. Served with a generous heap of White Chocolate shavings.

Hojicha is just pure bliss in a cup. Enjoy the comforting flavors of Auro’s creamy white chocolate, infused with Ikeda Senchado’s top-quality Hojicha, complemented by the richness of Almond Koka.

If you haven’t found “the one” yet, maybe the next drink could be your perfect matcha. ORINASU’s vegan-friendly white chocolate matcha hits the spot with its perfect balance of sweet and earthy. The  Ikeda Senchado matcha creation provides that familiar grassy notes, blended with a sweet, velvety finish from Almond Koka.

If you’re looking for something bold, then you’ll surely love the luscious Dark Choc. This drink is incredibly rich yet smooth because of the combined decadence of Auro Dark Chocolate and Almond Koka.

Completing the menu is the Dark Chocolate Stuffed with Strawberries French Toast. Each bite is a delightful burst of Auro dark chocolate filling, tarty strawberry jam with the goodness of Almond Koka. Every treat from ORINASU CAFÉ is brought to you by Almond Koka and Auro Chocolate. For more information, FOLLOW @glico_ph and @aurochocolate on INSTAGRAM.

About Glico

On February 11, 2022, the Glico Group celebrated the 100th year of its founding. In 1922, Glico’s nutritious Glico caramel in its distinctive red box first hit the shelves of a department store. Headquartered in Japan, Glico has since expanded into Asia Pacific, European, and North American markets with the aspiration to stay true to its founding spirit of enhancing people’s health through food.

Led by its well-loved confectionary brands such as Pocky, Pretz, and Pejoy, Glico has now expanded its portfolio to include ice cream products, baby formula, milk products, desserts, food ingredients, and raw materials for cosmetic and health products. Its health and wellness offerings such as the SUNAO range of zero sucrose, low carbohydrate food products and Almond Koka almond milk are gaining popularity outside of Japan after becoming a hit in its domestic market.

About Almond Koka

Japan’s #1 almond milk brand is now in the Philippines! Almond Koka is produced from high-quality almonds sourced from the United States and Australia. It is rich in Vitamin E, a good source of Fiber, and is 0% cholesterol. Discover Goodness with every delicious sip of Almond Koka- available in 1L Original, Unsweetened, and Chocolate.

About AURO Chocolate - Proudly Filipino Tree-to-Bar Chocolate

Auro Chocolate is an internationally awarded tree-to-bar chocolate brand that promotes sustainability by working directly with local farmers to create fine Filipino cacao beans, ingredients, and retail products with unique and bold tropical flavors.

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