Thursday, September 22, 2022

McDonald’s serves up a thrilling roster to satisfy all your spicy chicken cravings – including the return of the McSpicy

 Give your tastebuds a spicy kick with the Spicy McDo and the Spicy McNuggets, too!

Filipinos take great pride in being one of the world’s biggest and most adventurous eaters. We have seen it proven time and time again in many scenarios – we don’t hold back when it comes to throwing birthday feasts with family and friends, our appetite for scrumptious street food is unlike any other, and we never back down from a spicy meal.

And speaking of spicy, we never say no to a challenge – you’ve probably tried the Spicy Noodle Challenge with friends at least once to dare your taste buds, or have dabbed some hot sauce here and there to your meals to give them a sizzling kick!

Given our love for anything and everything spicy, McDonald’s has some burning tricks up their sleeve with the launch of their spicy chicken range, perfect for checking-off all your spicy cravings! Take your taste buds (and sweat glands!) to the test with the Spicy Chicken McDo and the return of two highly-anticipated fan favorites: the McSpicy and Spicy McNuggets.

Basta spicy chicken, Mc-Mc-McDo na ‘yan because McDonald’s makes sure all your cravings for everything spicy chicken is fully satisfied – starting off with the Spicy Chicken McDo, composed of a captivating blend of spices that takes the classic Chicken McDo up a tingling notch while not forgetting its crispy skin and filling meat that we all love!

And of course what is a classic McDonald’s spicy offer without the McSpicy? The returning fan favorite will be back, and we promise it is just as how you remember it to be: A thick, crispy, and spiced fried chicken cutlet, sandwiched between sesame buns accompanied by crispy lettuce!

Last but not least, make sure you round up these spicy options with a handful of the Spicy McNuggets, also a returning favorite! The delicious bites see your original McNuggets now coated and infused with dried peppers. If you’ll need a little break from the spice, McDonald’s has got you – each serving comes with the classic McNuggets BBQ sauce to help you round out the spicy kick!

Ready to #ShowYourSpicyFace at McDonald’s? Make a red-hot dash to your nearest branch now and enjoy the #SpicySarapAtMcDo because they are available starting today, September 22, in all McDonald’s stores nationwide through Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and McDelivery! The McSpicy and Spicy McNuggets also won’t be around for long, so be sure to get a bite before they say goodbye!

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