Sunday, October 17, 2021

GrabKitchen brings your favorite restaurants to Pasig!

GrabKitchen, the best thing to happen to food delivery since Grabfood!  Since they opened their first very successful branch in Makati, now it has expanded their reach with their newest branch in Pasig!

GrabKitchen brings in restaurant concepts which are not near your area of vicinity then combine them into one cloud kitchen to serve all your cravings.  You can order from any or all of the concepts from the GrabKitchen near you, that brings you so many choices, to fit everyone in the household and best of all, only a delivery charge!!!

GrabKitchen in Makati started with 24 Chicken, Omakase, Mister Kabab, Recovery Food, Frank & Dean, and Coco Fresh Tea and Juice. GrabKitchen in the Philippines started out before the pandemic, and when the pandemic happened, the GrabKitchen service skyrocketed sales of their partner restaurants to new heights. 

After the success of the first GrabKitchen in Makati, it was a no brainer to open more in the metro, from there on they opened in Malate, Sampaloc, Parañaque and now in Pasig!

I have had the experience of ordering on Grab Food for GrabKitchen from their Sampaloc and Malate branches, and it was an awesome and smooth experience, so am I so excited as to what GrabKitchen Pasig has in-store for us.

GrabKitchen Pasig has 10 establishments for every craving, from Chinese delicacies, Japanese favorites, cakes and  milktea too!  The GrabKitchen Pasig branch is located at 172 C. Raymundo Avenue in Pasig City, here are the featured 10 restaurants as of today:

  • King Chef
  • 24 Chicken
  • Omakase
  • Merienda by Pan de Manila
  • La Titas Manila
  • Conti's 
  • Merry Moo
  • Happilee
  • CoCo
  • Bahn Mi Kitchen (coming soon)
Now that's a whole lot of variety of foods to order!  With this line-up of restaurants concepts for us to choose, everybody got to satisfy their cravings.

So we ordered a must for Skyler with our favorite Seafood Spinach Soup and the luscious Roast Pork Charsiu from King Chef.  They got the best Chinese food line-up for you, from Chinatown to your own homes.

Just look how plump those Charsiu are...

But how about me?  Well I love the Beef Brisket with Tendon of King Chef, so rich and flavorful..

Joan loves Japanese food so it's perfect that they have Omakase on their line-up.

The love for California Roll never ceases!  Always a great way to start a meal, dip in Kikkoman soy sauce and spice it with wasabi.  Fancy Teppanyaki?  They got beef, chicken, seafood and more, we got Chicken Teppanyaki.  Chicken tastes so good however way Omakase cooks it.

Apart from getting our favorites, we also got to try new dishes from restaurant concepts that we have yet to try before.

We ordered the Filipino-Style Boneless Chicken BBQ from Merienda by Pan de Manila, with garlic rice.  It was grilled to perfection and the Chicken BBQ was immensely flavorful.

To have a more fulfilling meal, we ordered a Palabok Espesyal Bilao also from Merienda by Pan de Manila, I like this so much cause it's very saucy, and so "siksik", they don't scrimp on the ingredients making it so delectably good!  Perfect for any meal with the family

Their serving was indeed aplenty!  Their Palabok Espesyal Bilao can feed 4-5 person, so "sulit".

Lastly, a perfect meal is always complemented by a good refreshing drink, you can never go wrong with Coco.

Savor the many flavors and choices that GrabKitchen can offer, all in for only one delivery fee!

Find GrabKitchen on the Grabfood option in the Grab App and order away and have it safely delivered to your doorstep.

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