Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Driving In, Dining In at the newest Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken & Sauce Bar - A Peri BIG Reveal

Today was just another ordinary day during the pandemic days, we just had our regular check up with our kiddo Sky, just to make sure he is in a good and healthy shape, and while we were were heading home traversing along EDSA going to Manila, Sky told me that he was already very hungry... I can't blame him, our clinic session ended around 11:30am, well I was hungry too, haha.

But as I remembered, Sky can't dine in on restaurants still due to the pandemic... then just like an angel that descended from the heavens, there I saw Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken, hey they have a newly opened branch near MCU, Caloocan!  And my sorrow and hunger, turned into joy and excitement!  And wow they have a Park & Order option, Perfect!

As you drive by to park your car, the very courteous and attentive security guard guides you as you park your car to order.  You can see some of the menu items from the screen, or you may scan the QR code on the bottom right to check out the whole menu.

After confirming what you want to order, do a shoutout to the order taker and they will assist you for whatever questions you have.  I would have loved to dine-in, but since Skyler was with us, this was the next best thing for the whole family.

While we were waiting for our order, I can't help but admire the mural on the wall of the store, it was very bright, color and appealing to the senses, far from the boring walls you see from other establishments.

Alas, a couple of minutes later, our order was ready and our order taker promptly delivered the goods, yes the goods!!

We could have gone home to enjoy the delicious food that we ordered, but we were just so hungry, and the aroma of flavors is just so irresistible!!!  And nothing beats food that is freshly cooked... so let's din in!

So what's for lunch?

We ordered the Peri-Peri Grupo Meal, which has 1 whole Peri-Peri Chicken, with 4 rice and 4 sides plus iced tea good for 4!

One of our favorite sides, were the salted egg chips haha

So good to munch on!

Wifey wanted some pasta so we got the Shrimp Aglio Olio for sharing, and it was very good and flavorful too.

We also had some juicy riblets to enjoy

Now that is one fulfilling meal, if you plan to dine-in in your car, also mention that when you order so they can prepare some paper plates for you to use, as well as plastic utensils.  Overall, it was a pleasant experience for us, and quite a relief from staying home all day, eating in the car might not be the best of places, but it will do now since our kids can't dine-in in restaurants.

But honestly I can't wait to enjoy a good meal dining-in restaurants with the whole family.  Cause eating out is not just about the food, but the experience and enjoying the feel of the restaurant, which adds vibe and color to your life.

I love their Peri-Peri MCU branch as it has the Park & Order option, and gives that Portuguese vibe.

But for now, Peri-Peri's Park and Order, then Drive-in option is good for me.  Would I visit this branch again, the answer is yes!  You may never know who you might bump into...

And Yes we did bumped into someone, our kumare and very good friend, Frances of frannywanny.com

Nice to see a familiar face in these times!

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