Friday, August 27, 2021

Mimi & Bros Curate Happy Boxes for Home

Mimi & Bros lets everyone create "bubbles of happy" at home with family and friends.

Mimi & Bros is presenting its Happy Boxes so that everyone, especially those who miss hanging out in this haven of happy at the BGC, can have loads of cheer during this new lockdown period.

Offering for orders through its  Facebook Page (, Instagram Page (, or viber (09457985176), Mimi & Bros’ Happy Boxes include The New Vacay, Thirsty Thursday, Mimi’s Girls Night In, Sunny Sunday Brunch and Munch Box.

The New Vacay lets you relive those Sunset sessions at the beach. It includes five signature cocktails in a bottle – the Hanging Garden, The Sexy Cappuccino, The Red/White Summer Sangria, and Mango Martini. 

Of course, no beach cocktails are complete without the umbrella luau, so Mimi & Bros is including 10 pieces for free. This box is only for 1,500 pesos only.

For thirst days, Thirsty Thursday on 32nd Street: Party in a Box includes all favorite beer matches. 

The box, available for 990 pesos only, includes croquettes, corn dogs, Mimi’s Half Chicken, two side dishes, and one set of paper fans. This is good for two to three party people.

Mimi’s Girls Night In: No drama, just drumsticks are perfect for long hours of conversations with favorite girlfriends. 

Good for three to four, the box includes corn dogs, Ragu pasta, Mimi’s whole chicken, 4 side dishes, burnt basque cheesecake, and one set of paper fans. This is only 2,600 pesos.

Everyday can feel like Sunday with the Sunny Sunday Brunch. This box is perfect for recreating the Sunday brunch with families and friends.  

This is available for only 3,000 pesos and includes croquettes, corn dogs, Lola’s Ragu, whole Mimi’s Fried Chicken, burnt basque cheesecake, six side dishes, and two sets of party fan decors. The Sunny Sunday Brunch is good for 5 to 6 party people.

The Munch Box is perfect for movie nights, afternoon snacks, or any time there is burger cravings. The box includes 2 Double Smash Cheeseburger or 2 Chicken Sandwiches, 4 pcs of Croquettes, half order of Chicken Fingers, 1 order of fries, and 2 cans of soda or iced tea. This is available for only 950 pesos only.

Mimi & Bros takes pride in serving the best comfort food. Its philosophy is to make the food that people already love so much and to put an innovative and unexpected twist into how these are made and presented.

The boxes, including other Mimi & Bros comfort food, are also available for take outs and through delivery apps including Grab, FoodPanda, and Dingdong app. 

Mimi & Bros implements strict health and safety protocols to ensure its customers are both happy and safe.

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