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Del Monte Kitchenomics: recipes and cooking inspirations from the heart to the palm of your hands

Millennials who have fallen in love with home cooking have turned to Del Monte, the very same brand that their moms have trusted for whipping up exciting dishes with ease. In keeping with the times, Del Monte Kitchenomics continues to make cooking easy and enjoyable with their mobile app making easy-to-follow recipes more accessible to everyone from all ages.

Launched by Del Monte Philippines Inc. (DMPI) in 1984 as a consumer culinary platform, Del Monte Kitchenomics underpins the company’s vision to nourish families with everyday healthy eating through its portfolio of tomato-based sauces and condiments, along with its line of packaged pineapple, mixed fruit and ready-to-drink juices. The company has been fulfilling this mission in the Philippines across generations for 95 years, making its products staples in everyday dining and many Filipino celebrations.

Del Monte Kitchenomics started out as a direct mail-based customer relationship management program, where registered members were sent recipe cards and cooking tips. As the Del Monte brand grew and the program gained a greater following, Del Monte Kitchenomics became a television cooking show. Breathing life into the recipes were top-notch chefs and celebrities, demonstrating that life gets better with the help of trusted kitchen buddies.  Over the years, the cooking show format has drawn the support of various celebrity culinary experts, including the likes of multi-awarded chef Jackie Ang Po, restaurateur JP Anglo, and thespians Carla Abellana and Eugene Domingo, to name a few.

Cementing its footprint well into the future, Del Monte Kitchenomics solidified its presence in the digital space and social media. DMPI further extended the platform’s digital influence to a mobile app version freely available at Google Play and Apple App Store. Beyond recipes and cooking tips, the app enables users to prepare a meal plan, generate a shopping list and order their favorite Del Monte products through Shopee and Lazada.  Stepping it up a notch, the platform offers kitchen novices its Del Monte Kitchenomics University to level up their cooking skills with vital lessons to elevate their daily meals or jumpstart an entrepreneurial culinary journey. All these are at the palm of their hands.

“Del Monte Kitchenomics is a certain lifestyle for people who want to decide on what food to eat and at what budget – without having to slave in the kitchen for a good home cooked meal. With the Del Monte Kitchenomics app, it’s like having mommy beside you. If you have no idea what to do, you can start with Del Monte Kitchenomics University.  If you are already a cook, you can plan meals, make grocery lists and buy ingredients in one sitting. This saves you time, money, and makes your family healthy.  Lastly, Del Monte Kitchenomics is a legacy. As a mother, my children may not remember how much money, gifts, toys I have given them, but they always remember the good food mommy prepared in the kitchen for them,” shared Chef Jackie Ang-Po.

With the mobile app, Del Monte Kitchenomics continues to connect with its long-time cohorts, primarily the millennials who turn to rely on their mobile at every phase of their cooking journey. And with this reliance, millennials can go far beyond simply looking up recipes as they revisit memories of watching the show growing up. Take it from Chef Meg Victorino, Head Chef at Del Monte, who shared her own childhood experience with Del Monte Kitchenomics.

“I grew up with Del Monte Kitchenomics.  At 6 years old, it was my introduction to the culinary arts.  I chose the Kitchenomics TV show over cartoons and looked forward to the new episodes. It has long been since that time and yet Del Monte Kitchenomics has remained relevant because it continues to address the needs of consumers throughout the changing times.” 

Not surprisingly, Del Monte Kitchenomics has become deeply embedded in Filipino culture, becoming one of the most widely known culinary community programs in the Philippines today.

According to Kantar Brand Health Tracking 2020, Del Monte Kitchenomics has 94% brand awareness, the highest among branded cooking communities. Furthermore, with the brand ramping up its digital presence, its official Facebook page now commands over three million followers and its website averages more than 239,000 new visits per month alone. It boasts of approximately 300,000 website members.

Chef Meg Victorino pointed out that “Now and more than ever, Kitchenomics is present in the lives of consumers 24/7 through digital properties. Now, its followers all around the world can access recipes that will not only nourish their families but also help them cope during the time of pandemic. Kitchenomics recipes now serve households by providing recipe ideas that can make staying at home and celebrating at home more fun and exciting.”

The significance of what DMPI has done through Del Monte Kitchenomics became even more apparent at the height of the pandemic restrictions. It was a time when more consumers turned to Del Monte Kitchenomics to cook more healthy meals at home using trusted Del Monte products.

Del Monte Kitchenomics will remain a popular platform to promote nutritious food recipes that appeal to and promote the health of Filipino households. Looking ahead, it is going to further nurture the mutual love and respect between the Del Monte brand and health-conscious Filipino foodies of today, enabling the company to continue nourishing families, enriching lives, every day.

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