Saturday, August 7, 2021

Grabfood Signatures all day everyday! Plus Linya Linya T-Shirt Giveaway!

As the days have come and gone so fast we sometimes don't even remember what day it is anymore, and now that we are now back again in ECQ, we need to stay safe in our homes.  But not every family is privileged to have a good cook preparing heart warming meals, and how about many of us who are living on their own as well, we need to eat and nourish ourselves... coming to the rescue is Grabfood Signatures!

Grabfood Signatures has been my go-to food delivery option, ever since Grabfood launched them, and here are our favorites!


It's not called the Pambansang Lechon Manok for nothing!  Yes, Andok's Lechon Manok definitely hits the spot, I remember the early days when they started the Litson Manok phenomenon (shows how old I am already... haha), from just small stalls to established landmarks all over the metro, they definitely have cemented their name in the food industry of the Philippines.

Every Pinoy just loves Andok's Lechon Manok, crisp burnt skin from the hot coal, juicy flavorful meat, is always what you would expect to enjoy with every Andok's Lechon Manok.  Oh and if you still don't know, do try their Lechon Baka, it will become one of your favorite dishes to enjoy from Andok's too!


Just new to the fastfood scene in the Philippines, Popeyes has been expanding throughout the metro, and is loved now by many Filipinos.

I super duper love their Chicken French Quarter sandwich!  This is now my go to fried chicken sandwich, it captured the love of my taste buds as soon as I was able to try it, when they opened their first branch and I never look at any other chicken sandwich again.  Also love their chicken, you can smell the scent of their chicken cooking from a mile away... literally!

J.Co Donuts

Donut cravings? J.Co Donuts it is!  Fell in love with their Al Capone donuts ever since I tasted my first when they opened their first ever branch in SM Megamall years ago.

What's awesome with J.Co is that they keep reinventing and making new donuts for us to crave and enjoy, but the classics will always have a special place in my tummy!


For all my coffee cravings, Starbucks is the only way to go!  Always on my order list is Caramel Macchiato and Dark Chocolate Frappuccino!  I like it sweet and flavorful, enjoying my favorite drinks anytime of the day.

Also their seasonal drinks, from their Teavana and fruit blends just makes our days lighter and brighter, easing up the mood each passing day.

My other special mentions would be Frankie's and Conti's, where we are fans of wings at Frankie's and Mango Bravo Cake from Conti's.

Grabfood X Linya Linya T-shirts

Now that Grabfood Signatures has captured the tummies of many Filipinos in the metro, so they are giving back!  Get to win Grabfood Signatures X Linya Linya shirts with The Food Alphabet.

To join the giveaway, head on to our The Food Alphabet FB page post for the mechanics on how to win.

We will be picking 2 winners and each of the 2 winners will get 2 Grabfood Signatures X Linya Linya T-shirts!  Featuring Grabfood Signatures food favorites doodled into the T-shirts.

So head on to our Facebook page to join!  Enjoy your Grabfood Signatures favorite restaurant dishes at the comforts of your own homes.

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