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Grab Tech Insider: Discover How Grab is helping businesses in SEA

As the world battles on with the current pandemic, people's livelihood have been affected.  Many are turning to their roots, family traditions and skills in cooking to venture into a new food business that caters to all.  Just like Nong, owner of Nong's Noodle House.  Nong runs a small noodle shop in Thailand and dreams of taking her family recipe nationwide one day.  

While she wants to scale up her business, her space can sit only 10 people at a time, so it's hard for her to grow her business and save up to open a second store.  This is when Nong decided to bring Nong's Noodle House onto GrabFood to serve more customers beyond her dine-in space.

How did Nong's Journey with GrabFood began.

A seamless onboarding process, wherein today, 95% of GrabFood and GrabMart merchants are onboarded within 3 days.

A new self-onboarding process, for merchants like Nong who can sign up via the GrabMerchant app and have their stores activated quickly, and they can even have multiple services activated at once, such as listing their restaurant on GrabFood and activating GrabPay in-store payment.

Setting Up Shop with Ease

1. AI Photo Engine - Grab's AI-based photo engine detects poor-quality photos (blurry, stretched etc.) and is flagged to the merchant for review or instantly blocked.  Merchants will also be alerted for such.

2. Employee Profiles - Business owners like Nong can assign user profiles for different levels of access for each role in the business.

  • Owner - Full Access, include ability to view and manage other outlets and more
  • Store Manager - Partial Access, include updating of store information, buying ads and supplies and tracking sales history
  • Cashier - Limited access to order and payment-related features.
One-Stop learning resource with GrabAcademy
  • Structured training can raise merchant's service level quality, and help their business grow.
  • Grab is bringing its training programme, GrabAcademy, into the GrabMerchant app soon, with additional enhancements

Managing crowd with Store Status - Merchants can choose and switch among three modes
  • Normal : Default Mode.
  • Busy : Ability to key in more prep time required and ETA is extended accordingly.
  • Pause: Merchants cannot take in more order; users cannot place orders for a period of time.
Chat with Support
  • Merchants who need support can go through the Help Center with GrabMerchant, and choose to chat with a CD agent in-app.
  • Grab is enhancing its Chat feature with a dynamic queue formula which directs merchants to other support channels if the expected wait time is long.

Menu Insights to know what sells and what don't

  • With Menu Insights, merchants can view sales performance of each item, as well as the top menu item combinations.
  • Merchants can upsell by creating combo pairings within minutes, based on in-app recommendation.
Self-serve Marketing tools to boost visibility and sales
  • Promotions tool for merchants to create discount or promo campaigns
  • Banner Ads for high visibility, and to promote existing promotion.
  • Search Ads enable merchants to appear at the top of the search ranking

GrabMerchant Portal - a back office solution

  • The GrabMerchant portal provides merchants with a single view of their business performance
  • The portal enables back office staff to see in-depth insights
  • The portal comes comes with in-depth insights

Marisa is a Marketing professional by day, and a social seller by night. She enjoys planning weddings for friends and family, and decorating event spaces with flowers and art pieces. Now, she’s saving up to build a business in wedding planning and supplies.

This is how Grab assisted her on her journey.

- Fulfilling last-mile delivery seamlessly with GrabExpress
  • GrabExpress was built with social sellers in mind - it's simple, reliable and flexible.
  • Social sellers can choose from multiple delivery options, depending on buyer's preference
  1. Instant delivery within 1 hour, with option for multi-drop offs
  2. Same-day delivery within 4 hours
  3. Coming Soon - Scheduled delivery (up to 7 days)
- Multi-stop delivery with route optimisation technology is availabel where is able to automatically suggest a shorter, cheaper route in real-time.

- To save time and reduce errors, Grab created Delivery Form where social sellers can simply send a link to buyers via messaging apps and social channels.

- The link takes them to the GrabExpress screen in the Grab app for them to pre-fill their delivery information.  Information is automatically populated in sellers' Grab app for a seamless booking experience.

- Social sellers can create multiple forms with difference pick-up locations

- Delivery Form helps reduce error the time it takes for sellers to arrange a delivery by 50%

- For social sellers and businesses who need to consistently arrange a high volume of orders, GrabExpress Web allows for Bulk Upload - a feature which allows user to upload up to 150 delivery bookings easily. 

E-commerce integration

E-commerce platforms and online retailers can integrate GrabPay and GrabExpress into their channel using Grab's APIs, Once integrated, here is how it works:

PayLater: Providing an alternative to reduce cart abandonment
  • PayLater is an additional payment option merchant-partners can provide their customers to make their goods and service more accessible.
  • With PayLater, consumers have access to instant credit for purchases within and outside of the Grab app - with no interest.
  • The can choose to 1.) Buy a product or service first, and pay for it the next month; 2.) Put a downpayment, and pay the rest in small installments over a few months.

Driving footfall to a Pop-Up store

Through GrabAds, you can create ad campaigns to drive qualified foot traffic to your Pop-Up store
  • Grab homepage ad campaign targeting users of specific age groups, and have recently search for your products on Grab
  • Call-to-action for the ad is to redeem a free trial or product at the store, as well as a discount on products and services.
  • Users can redeem their trial at the pop-up.  Every redemption can be tracked to measure effectiveness
  • Merchant-partners can also opt to do a follow-up survey with users who were presented with the ad to gauge interest and effectiveness. 
Grab is consistently developing their systems providing solutions to its merchant-partners, to further promote their business and services, for the continued success that the business may bring.  Make Grab your business partner. 

Make your business grow with Grab, sign up to be merchant-partner today.

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