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Celebrate the Philippines’ Largest Mid-Year Online Wine Shopping Event!


Save big with discounts of up to 57% OFF at’s Mid-Year Clearance Salem by, the Philippines’ Largest Online Marketplace for In-Stock Wines, Beer, Liquor/Spirits, Gourmet Groceries, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, & Wine Accessories.

The Philippines’ biggest mid-year online wine shopping event is here with ‘s 2021 Mid-Year Clearance Sale. This year, the sale features 19 Great Deals ranging from 34% OFF to 57% OFF. These include 11 Red Wines, 6 White Wines, one Rosé, and one Sparkling Rosé!

This sale will run for four days only, from June 30, 2021 to July 3, 2021—coming at a time when the economy begins to open up and importers’ warehouses need to clear up space to make way for new shipments. Now is the best time to stock-up and save big for your upcoming home celebrations!

Red Wines’s Mid-year Clearance Sale is showcasing five value-for-money red wines from France (Richebaron Selection Rouge), Portugal (Haribon Red), Spain (Torre Solar Tempranillo Syrah & Ramon Bilbao Crianza Rioja Tempranillo), and Australia (Peter Lehmann Art & Soul Shiraz Grenache).

On the more premium end of the spectrum are five quality wines from Spain (Raig de Raim Red, Nuestra Señora Portal, & Sa Natura Organic Red), France (M. Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage Petite Ruche), and from Italy (Piccini Memoro Rosso). The sale also features one high-end Rioja from Spain (Ramon Bilbao Gran Reserva Rioja Tempranillo).

The Richebaron Selection Rouge is an uncomplicated weeknight quaffer with soft tannins and a light acidity, while the Haribon Red is a simple, entry-level Portuguese Red with decent fruit and light tannins.

A notch above the quality ladder are the Torre Solar Tempranillo Syrah, a succulent and juicy Spanish red blend with ripe blackberry, spice, and savory characters; the Ramon Bilbao Crianza Rioja Tempranillo, a food friendly red with blackberry & dark cherry flavors and added undertones of white pepper spice, and thyme; and the Peter Lehmann Art & Soul Shiraz Grenache, a well-rounded red blend revealing stewed plum fruit flavors with seamlessly integrated oak characters & mellow tannins.

For more complex reds with a little more sophistication, there is the Raig de Raim Red, a full, fresh, and juicy wine with ripe tannins and an oaky plum finish; the Nuestra Señora Portal, a brilliant red showcasing jammy fruit flavors, and licorice notes with big, chewy tannins and a mouthwatering acidity; the Sa Natura Organic Red, a certified-organic Spanish red wine with dried red currant flavors, a vibrant acidity, and fine, grippy tannins; the Piccini Memoro Rosso, a mildly sweet, multi-region, multi-vintage red blend from Italy with a pleasant and inviting nose as well as sweet strawberry compote and stewed fruit flavors; and the M. Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage Petite Ruche, an exquisitely balanced Rhone Valley red with prominent black currant flavors, smooth tannins, and a fine-tuned acidity culminating in a lingering, fruity finish.

And lastly, we also have the premium Ramon Bilbao Gran Reserva Rioja Tempranillo from the prestigious Rioja Alta Region in Spain. It’s a powerful, well-balanced, and complex Rioja Gran Reserva with spiced fruit flavors & mellowing potpourri aromas.

White Wines

In the White Wine category, the sale features two value-for-money wines from Portugal (Guadalupe White) and France (Richebaron Selection Blanc); three quality wines from Spain (Raig de Raim White & Nuestra Señora Portal Blanc) and from the King Valley Region of Australia (Chrismont La Zona Pinot Grigio); and 1 high-end and complex wine from Italy (Livio Felluga Sharis Blanc).

The Guadalupe White is a rich and lovely white displaying tart lime and citrus flavors, with a pleasantly surprising complexity for its price. Meanwhile the Richebaron Selection Blanc is a simple, no-frills quaffer with soft tannins and a light acidity that is best served ice cold.

For the smoother and more sophisticated whites in the selection, there is the Raig de Raim White, a creamy white wine with a full, vibrant acidity manifesting orange marmalade, tangerine, & citrus rind flavors; the Nuestra Señora Portal Blanc, a soft and creamy white with oaky and nutty flavors perfect for pairing with Brie and Camembert Cheese; and the Chrismont Lazona Pinot Grigio, an interestingly unique take on Pinot Grigio with its trademark freshness to go along with atypical Granny Smith Apple and white floral characters.

On the high-end of the quality spectrum, there is the Livio Felluga Sharis Blanc, a premium Italian white with a lovely aromatic bouquet, a creamy mouthfeel, and a well-balanced acidity. 

Rosé Wines

Two Rosé Wines feature in this sale. One is a Still Rosé (Cline Rosé of Mourvedre) from the Central Coast of California, USA and one Sparkling Rosé (Valdivieso Sparkling Brut Rosé) from Chile. The Cline Rosé of Mourvedre is a light amber-colored Rosé with powerful orange rind, dried fig, and strawberry compote aromas showcasing a creamy and buttery mouthfeel as well as a persistent acidity. 

Meanwhile, the Valdivieso Sparkling Brut Rosé is a lively Sparkling Wine with fresh fruit and yeasty aromatic notes, intense fresh fruit flavor characters, and an elegant effervescence.

Don’t miss out on all these generous deals below::

1. Raig de Raim White 2019 Sixer – ₱2,990 (56% OFF; ₱498 per bottle)

2. Raig de Raim Red 2017 Sixer - ₱2,990 (56% OFF; ₱498 per bottle)

3. Nuestra Señora Portal Blanc 2019 Sixer - ₱2,990 (56% OFF; ₱498 per bottle)

4. Nuestra Señora Portal 2016 Sixer - ₱3,990 (57% OFF; ₱665 per bottle)

5. Sa Natura Organic Red 2017 Sixer – ₱3,790 (57% OFF; ₱632 per bottle)

6. Guadalupe White 2017 Sixer – ₱2,390 (45% OFF; ₱398 per bottle)

7. Cline Rosé of Mourvedre 2016 Sixer - P 4,790 (38% OFF; P 798 per bottle)

8. Haribon Red Dozen - ₱3,190 (46% OFF; ₱266 per bottle)

9. Ramon Bilbao Crianza Rioja Tempranillo 2016 Sixer - ₱3,190 (37% OFF; ₱532 per


10. Ramon Bilbao Gran Reserva Rioja Tempranillo 2011 Sixer - ₱7,850 (37% OFF; ₱1,308

per bottle)

11. Chrismont La Zona Pinot Grigio 2018 Sixer - ₱3,590 (45% OFF; ₱598 per bottle)

12. Torre Solar Tempranillo Syrah 2018 Dozen - ₱3,790 (51% OFF; ₱316 per bottle)

13. M. Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage Petite Ruche 2015 Sixer – ₱5,290 (43% OFF; ₱882 per


14. Livio Felluga Sharis Blanc 2016 Sixer – ₱6,790 (43% OFF; ₱1,132 per bottle)

15. Piccini Memoro Rosso Sixer - ₱3,690 (41% OFF; ₱615 per bottle)

16. Richebaron Selection Rouge Dozen - ₱3,490 (41% OFF; ₱291 per bottle)

17. Richebaron Selection Blanc Dozen - ₱3,490 (41% OFF; ₱291 per bottle)

18. Peter Lehmann Art & Soul Shiraz Grenache 2014 Sixer - ₱2,350 (34% OFF; ₱392 per


19. Valdivieso Sparkling Brut Rose NV Sixer - ₱3,190 (46% OFF; ₱532 per bottle)

Don’t miss out on the largest online mid-year sale for wine in the Philippines. Happy bargain hunting, Kavinos! (That’s our term of endearment people who love wine as much as we do)

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