Saturday, March 3, 2018

Scarlet Snow joins Red Ribbon's growing family

Welcoming the newest brand ambassador to the Red Ribbon family - Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho - her first major endorsement outside of her family’s Belo brand.  Everybody knows Scarlet!  The social media darling, accompanied by her doctor parents Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo, is also the newest Rainbow Chaser who is captivated by Red Ribbon’s surprisingly colorful & chocolatey birthday cake, the Rainbow Dedication Cake. 

The Instagram sensation, with a whopping 2 million followers and counting, is set to share some color and joy, just like Red Ribbon’s colorful birthday cake, in her newest commercial with her fellow Rainbow Dedication Cake-loving cartoon friends, Don and the Rainbow Chasers.

“We really wanted to make the Rainbow Dedication Cake the best for kids, loading it with fun color, sweetness and surprises, everything that a child looks for in a birthday cake. Now we’re very happy to see that it has become a kiddie favorite, approved even by our newest Rainbow Chaser, Scarlet Snow,” shared Kent Mariano, Red Ribbon marketing head.

Best birthday cake for kids

With its cute and colorful toppers, delicious chocolatey flavor, and its rainbow surprise on the inside, the Rainbow Dedication Cake has quickly turned into a favorite among kids, including Scarlet Snow.

The Rainbow Dedication Cake has become a staple at birthday parties because of the fun, burst of colors it brings. Sure to put a bright smile on a child’s face, it is topped with rainbow-colored lollipops and multi-colored candies, and is loaded with a surprisingly colorful layered cake inside. 

Chocolate-loving kids are also crazy for the cake’s rich milk chocolate icing and chocolate rosette toppings. They are also in for a sweet surprise as they take a bite of the rainbow-colored chiffon to find that it’s still their favorite chocolate flavor.  

During their recent launch, our son Sky had a star struck moment as he was playmates with Scarlet, for a moment they were like exchanging pleasantries... and baby talk, hahaha wish I could understand what they were saying though.

It was an afternoon of sweet treats as everyone had their share of the Rainbow Dedication Cake and the kids were filled with food treats and fun activities.

Capping off the sweet treats provided by this delicious cake is the sweetest personalized dedications on the cake that the kids receive from their parents, relatives, or friends who have chosen to show a little bit more care for the birthday celebrant by getting them their favorite Rainbow Dedication Cake. 

Head over to your nearest Red Ribbon store and surprise the li’l one with the best birthday cake for the kid’s best birthday ever!

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