Friday, March 23, 2018

Unli Yang Chow at Superbowl of China - Catch if before it's gone!!!

Unli - Yang Chow at Superbowl - 
Get your fill only up to March 30th!!!

Everyone loves Unli!!! We have heard it all, from Unli - Rice, to Unli - Drinks, but here's one original that is truly Superbowl - Unli - Yang Chow!!!

Now on their 7th year, Unli - Yang Chow has gotten Fried Rice aficionados to a frenzy!  From the early days of eating at Yang Chow competition to today's weekday everyday offer to satisfy all of our Yang Chow cravings.  It has become a tradition with family and friends enjoying great food and having good company and best of all it's only P70.00!!!

Apart from their Unli - Yang Chow offer, Superbowl gives you a wonderful selection of your Chinese favorite dishes to pair with.  Let's go!

Starting off with their Dimsum Combination Platter (P350)

Get all your favorite Dimsum treats in one serving!  Perfect for sharing! This has your favorite Pork Siomai, Sharksfin Dumpling, Hakao, Fried Springrolls and Asado Siopao!  This itself is already a full pack meal!

Now the adventure begins.

Fancy their Lechon Macau (P350)

Deep fried to a crisp brown piece of hot meaty goodness!  The balance of meat and fat makes it all the more enticing to munch on.. the crisp skin tops it all!

Order some Deep Fried Cuttlefish with spicy salt (P280)

This is a must order, generously dip it in their red vinegar, just like eating your favorite chips, but this is so much better!

 Spice things up with Szechuan Shrimp (P350)

Fresh shrimps mixed with spices then pan fried with nuts, chili and pepper, an amazing treat for spicy lovers out there!  Even for me a non-spicy person loves every bit of it!

Half Fried Crispy Chicken (P325)

Fried Chicken lovers out there rejoice!  I totally fell in love with their crispy chicken!  It's no joke, the crisp skin, the flavor of the chicken meat as you take bite after bite is just beyond words.  I could finish a whole order and still crave for more, that's how good it is!

Balance your meal and take your veggies!! Hahaha eating healthy is always a good thing, and we always order their Stir Fried Baguio Beans with minced pork (P230), because it is just so good... and wifey always agrees because we have greens finally on our meal.

And after all has been done, let's get back to our basics and the reason why we all are happy today!! Unli - Yang Chow!

Catch the Unli - Yang Chow offer for only P70 at all Superbowl of China branches everywhere!  Seize the offer from Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 2pm for lunch and 6pm to 8pm for dinner, so come on let's all go Unli - Yang Chow!

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