Thursday, March 22, 2018

#GWorld Pizza Day - The Pizza Overload District

Greenwich, the country's no. 1 fastfood chain for everything pizza and pasta celebrated National Pizza Day, just as most pizza places in the metro... but unlike everyone else, they celebrated it with an event like no other!  And here we are with the #GWorld Pizza Day!

#GWorld Pizza Day The Overloaded District packed a full house at the Dolphin Park of Glorietta 4 with booths serving up their delectable pasta favorites such as lasagna and carbonarra, booths that serves their icy cold Berry Rush and Chocolate Rush and of course a booth serving up Greenwich Overloaded Pizzas!!!

#GWorld Pizza Day is a momentous event, with the introduction of the new members of the G Barkada in the likes of Ella and Julian, joined by the G Barkada members with Robi Domingo, JC Santos and Bella Padilla.

Fans of Greenwich were treated with music celebrations with a mini concert featuring Hale, Mayonnaise and Silent Sanctuary.  They were treated with mini booth games were they brought home special prizes from Greenwich.

Guest get to bring home a free overloaded pizza and an experience never to forget!  Praying that this becomes an annual celebration of everything Pizza with #GWorld Pizza Day!  Also do yourself a favor and get the Greenwich Ultimate Greencard and enjoy the many benefits plus points whenever you reload and use your Greenwich Ultimate Greencard for only P100!

And here we are with the #GWithTheBarkada celebrating #GWorld Pizza Day!!!  Say Hi to Trixie, Mark, Cy, Ed, Richie, Sharwin, Bea, and JJ Yulo!!

See you all at a Greenwich store, do come up to me and say Hi!!!  Would be more than welcome to share a table with you!

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