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Savor Authentic Chinese Flavors of Lung Hin with Chef Ken

Lung Hin
Deep Fried Crispy Tofu 
with Seaweed Salad

MARCO POLO Ortigas Manila’s Cantonese restaurant, Lung Hin, is bringing in more of its authentic flavors with the coming of the new Chinese Executive Chef, Leung Chi Kwan.  Expect more new exciting and exquisite flavors of the East as Chef Ken brings his love for cooking to us.

Lung Hin

Bringing in 20 years of extensive expertise in Chinese culinary, Chef Leung Chi Kwan, or Chef Ken, gained experience and developed his skills from international five-star hotels and well-known Chinese Restaurants, from different parts of the globe.  He has served his authentic creations in the Imperial Treasure in Singapore, in a café restaurant in Ireland, and in Gold Pavilion Fort in Hong Kong, to name a few. Chef Ken is not new to the country, as he was also previously assigned and has collaborated with other well-known hotels.

Lung Hin
Deep Fried Beancurd Leek Rolls 
with XO Chili Sauce

With the coming of the new Chinese Executive Chef Leung “Ken” Chi Kwan, Lung Hin will be serving more superb culinary masterpieces that will bring a unique flavor experience for every dine. 

Some of these specials are Deep Fried Tofu with Seaweed Salad, and Double Boiled Tea Tree Mushroom with Chicken Soup. Taking seafood to the next level are Chef Ken’s Chilled Drunken Shrimp and Steamed Shrimp Balls with Dried Scallops. 

Here are some of what's in-store for you when you dine at Lung Hin...

Lung Hin
Stir-fried Crystal Prawns

This is by far one of the best I have tried in my life.. no seriously, the scent of prawns, the sweet taste in every bite, makes even the worst days so much better.

Lung Hin
Poached Live Garoupa 
with Mushroom

Fresh catch from the sea, this live Garoupa's meat is plump, and flavorful, with Chef Ken's expertise, this Garoupa is more than happy to have been served by Chef Ken.

Lung Hin
Deep Fried Spareribs 
with Black Vinegar Sauce

An interesting take on the Cantonese favorite, Spareribs, is a deep fried version swimming in Black Vinegar Sauce.  Not your usual spareribs but a definite must try. 
Lung Hin
Ham and Vegetable in Superior Broth
Lung Hin
 Fookian Misua

A Chinese staple, misua is and will always be part of the Chinese celebration.  A hearty mix of seafood, vegetables and roasted nuts makes every celebration more enticing.
Lung Hin
Coconut Mango Jelly

And for dessert, enjoy the coconut Mango Jelly and chocolate-filled buchi, 2 of my favorite Chinese desserts of all time. 
Lung Hin
Chocolate Buchi

And Marco Polo Ortigas Manila's Lung Hin was awarded one of the most outstanding Chinese restaurants outside of China, at the 16th China Hotel Industry Golden Horse Awards Gala.  It's a great honor for Marco Polo Ortigas Manila to be recognized in this prestigious event.

Lung Hin is one of our signature restaurants wherein we make sure that quality if at its best, says Marco Polo Ortigas Manila General Manager, Frank Reichenbach.  The Chinese Cuisine is very dear to us and this award proves how much we value authenticity in the dishes we serve.

Lung Hin
Enjoy the best of world-class and authentic Chinese Cuisine only here at Lung Hin, Marco Polo Ortigas.

Lung Hin is located at the 44th floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. To know more about Lung Hin and the other signature dining outlets of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, visit www.marcopolohotels.com

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