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Culinaria Filipina, A Filipino Food Festival at Corniche, Diamond Hotel

Culinaria Filipina Corniche
Prime Roast Beef Tagalog
Culinaria Filipina, A Filipino Food Feast at Corniche, Diamond Hotel Manila

A Filipino Feast, Culinaria Filipina blossoms at Corniche in Diamond Hotel Philippines, giving Filipinos the best Filipino foods they deserve, with flavors from the different regions in the country, we pride ourselves as to having one of the finest and most diverse food cultures in the world.

Culinaria Filipina Corniche

From May 19 to 29, 2016, the hotel’s Corniche restaurant will commemorate the festivals of May by serving exceptional Filipino cuisine at lunch and dinner buffet prepared by none other than renowned Filipina chefs and advocates of Philippine Cuisine, Chef Myrna Segismundo and Chef Jill Sandique.  

Here are but some of what Chef Myrna and Chef Jill has skillfully prepared for us... be ready for a festival of flavors at Corniche.

Chew into classic appetizer favorites, call it beer partners, they are perfect starters to a grand meal 

Culinaria Filipina Corniche
Crispy Kangkong

Culinaria Filipina Corniche Crispy Chicharon

Enjoy a new take on familiar recipes that you grew up with.  Chef Myrna Segismundo will lead the presentation of finely prepared dishes with a contemporary twist and enhanced by select ingredients. Try the Trio of Kinilaw na Salmon, Oysters on a Half Shell and Shrimps; Prime Roast Beef Tagalog, Caramelized Onions and Basi Wine Sauce; Kesong Puti, Cherry Tomato and Pako Lato Salad; U.S. Beef Tenderloin Morcon a la Emilia; and more.  

Dig in to Filipino favorites as we venture into familiar territory, falling in love once more to your much loved dishes

Culinaria Filipina Corniche Pork Barbecue

A staple in every Filipino feast, dip in spicy vinegar, you'll love every bite
Culinaria Filipina Corniche
 Rellenong Alimasag with Coco-Aligue Sauce

Culinaria Filipina Corniche
Crispy Binagoongan

Culinaria Filipina Corniche
Adobo Pizza

Culinaria Filipina Corniche
Adobo Spaghetti

A twist on your favorite Adobo and Spaghetti for that matter, combining these two was simply magical, and you just think that "Why didn't I think of that!"  Actually this combination worked so perfectly, I came back for 3rds... haha
Culinaria Filipina Corniche
Boneless Chicken Inasal

Culinaria Filipina Corniche
U.S. Beef Ribs Kaldereta

Line up for this!  Get more of this! Loved the flavor, loved the meat!  The best of both worlds!

Culinaria Filipina Corniche
Prime Roast Beef Tagalog 
with Basi Wine Sauce

Culinaria Filipina Corniche
Tableya Chocolate Cake

Luscious sweets are courtesy of the dessert sage, Chef Jill Sandique. You should not miss the Dulce de Leche Cake, Tableya Cake, Peanut Chocolate and Muscovado Coconut Masi, Suspiros de Macapuno con Natilla, and other delights.

Be enchanted by the flavors of Philippines yet again with the unequalled creations of skilled Filipino chefs for only Php2,288 nett per person. It’s a culinary journey closest to our hearts and one that is gaining ground in the international scene. To add excitement to the food fiesta, there will be a lucky draw where two diners will each win a two-night stay in Baguio for two when they spend a minimum of Php 5,000 at the buffet!

For reservations please call 528-3000 ext. 1121 or email restaurant_rsvn@diamondhotel.com.

Diamond Hotel Philippines is located at Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street, Manila. For inquiries, please call (632) 528-3000 or email bizcenter@diamondhotel.com

For more information on Diamond Hotel Philippines, please visit www.diamondhotel.com. For hotel updates and special offerings, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/DiamondHotelPhilippines and Twitter, Instagram and Youtube at @DiamondHotelPh.

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