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Delightful treats at the TriNoma Food Crawl

Delightful treats at the 
TriNoma Food Crawl

Love food?  We all do right!  I live in the busy streets of Ongpin, right where all mouth-watering Chinese delicacies are, but well as most of you would like to visit Binondo for that much famed food tour, I go out of my way to have a taste of what the bigger picture has to offer me, and if I do find my way north, then there's nowhere else to go but TriNoma.

Apart from being one of the great shopping meccas in the north side of the metro, it prides to house many food destination favorites that has kept our tummies busy. Nothing can keep me from getting great tasting food, and together with my food blogger friends, and our fascinating team, let's go on this Trinoma Food Crawl, and see what delicious treats lie ahead.

First off, Ginza Bairin!  Yup, Japan's world-famous Ginza Bairin is in TriNoma, serving us amazingly tempting Katsu!
trinoma 8
Rosu Curry Katsu (P375)

One complete meal!  That is what Ginza Bairin is all about!  Start off with piping-hot miso soup, then dig in to that crisp and meaty Rosu Katsu, dip it in tangy curry sauce with unlimited rice and cabbage salad servings.  Curry it your way, choose your level of spiciness with Ginza Bairin's curry, finish off with slices of fruits.  Also you can get refills of miso soup as well as more slices of fruit.

trinoma 5
Special Katsudon (P395)

They loved it in Japan, so do we here in Manila.  It's popularity is merely a compliment, you have to taste it to believe.  Many Japanese restaurants in Manila do serve Katsudon, but not as good as what Ginza Bairin has came to be famous for.  If it's your first time at Ginza Bairin, then this is a must-try.

trinoma 6

Ready for some insanely good and not so common desserts?  Then you got to love their Black Sesame Ice Cream!  At just P80 per scoop, savor creamy delicious ice cream goodness made the Ginza Bairin way, they also have Green Tea flavored ice creams.

Next Stop: Hanamauken


Hanamaruken: Serving one of the best ramen in the Philippines

Hailing from Osaka, Hanamaruken has had their share of followers ballooning like crazy, why you say? It's because of one culprit.. Happiness Ramen!


I have no better words to describe Hanamaruken's Happiness Ramen (P480), just 2 words 

"Complete Satisfaction"

You may say I am exaggerating but really I'm not.  Those slow cooked soft ribs, combined with firm flavorful noodles and to-die-for ramen soup base makes for the perfect bowl of ramen for me.  One serving is good for 2, but if you love ramen just like me, 1 bowl is perfect.


Drunk Man Rice Bowl (P240)

I don't know why it's named that way, but I guess you will be drunked with happiness?  Haha just kidding.  What you see is what you get, the best soft ribs just like your Happiness Ramen but on a rice bowl with 2 farm fresh eggs.  Easily will be one of your favorite rice meals when you land your lips on these.

3rd Stop : Mango Tree Bistro

Originating from Bangkok, Mango Tree Bistro serves up authentic Thai dishes with a twist, exuding class and tasteful excellence while maintaining the best of authentic Thai dishes, it has become one of the favorite dining place here in Trinoma.

Grapow Moo (P380)

An array of flavors in one simple yet delectable dish!  Stir-fried pork slices in garlic, liven up by fresh hot basil leaves and a hint of red chili, spiced just right.

Gai Tha Krai Yang (P420)

Thai herb chicken on lemongrass skewers, has been a favorite of mine.. Chicken, see the inclination haha, what makes this dish more enticingly good is the Northeastern Thai dipping sauce, it's their secret concoction, oh how immense the flavors are.

Next up: Wee Name Kee

trinoma 1

I don't know about you guys, but hearing that Wee Name Kee would be our next stop, gave me goosebumps!  Yup I love chicken, you may also refer me as the Chicken Man... haha, everybody from KTG (my foodie family) knows me as that.  I am no expert at Chicken, but when it comes to chicken my sense of taste heightens to the next level, really.

Other than serving their famous White and Yellow Chicken, they still got quite a lot on there sleeves to be proud of... one of course is Hainanese Chicken Curry Noodles.

trinoma 2

A case of curry chicken goodness in one hot bowl, enjoy a bowl for only P225 or to share for P368.


Salted Egg Chinese Style Fried Chicken (P295)

Nowhere else in the metro can you find this dish!  I am not really a fan of salted egg, but when they combine it with their crisp chicken strips, unbelievably I liked it!  Just like in my love for Oyster cake, I don't like Oyster much, neither do eggs but when they combine.. boom!  Perfect!

Last Stop: Pearl River Cafe

trinoma 9

Pearl River Cafe is located at Level 4 Gardens and serves Chinese delicacies such as dimsum, noodles, congee as well other Chinese food favorites.  This was my first time to try out Pearl River Cafe, and from a Chinatown-born Chinoy perspective, they are an aspiring restaurant with a lot of potential, and I'd love to try out more of their dishes.

trinoma 3
Treat yourself to some dimsum favorites such as Steamed Crab Roe and Shrimp Siomai (P99)

trinoma 4

This is something you don't see everyday, 
Steamed Bun with Custard Paste and Salted Egg (P65)

A dessert treat shaped into a hedgehog-shaped bun, what you find stuffed inside is custard paste with salted egg, now this is what creativity and imagination can do for you, and I'm impressed with what Pearl River Cafe has up their sleeve, really can't wait to try out their other dishes.

Now this food journey has to come to an end, and I am very full as well, thank you TriNoma Food Crawl as well as our hosts for the day the team as well as Ayala Malls, I'm just so amazed at how much TriNoma has grown to become one great dining destination.

So head on to TriNoma and head on to these 5 dining destinations you will surely enjoy, and be on the lookout for more exciting and delectable dining options for you and the whole family.  I am anticipating even more in the coming new year, so be sure to join me once again on my food adventures in TriNoma.

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