Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chef Menoy Gimenez presents the Traveller's Menu

 Great Eats at budget friendly prices 
at Tito Chef Express

Filipino mentor and culinary master CHEF MENOY GIMENEZ brings to us the “Traveler’s Menu” available at TITO CHEF EXPRESS in Microtel Acropolis just recently. 

An intimate lunch was served, showcasing great gastronomic treats to cater to the Filipino palette, which Chef Gimenez specially made on the event.

It was a treat not just for the eyes but mostly for the salivating taste buds of the many of the invited guests.       
American Burger

With the great blend of quality food and reasonable prices, the new Traveler’s Menu delighted the appetites of the guests. From the delectable appetizers that tickled everyone’s palate to the abundant servings of the mains, and the filling desserts, the well-curated menu truly reflected the cooking style of Chef Menoy in Tito Chef Express, which is deliciously straightforward comfort food inspired from the classic favorites of every Filipino home. The menu will be available for diners until next year. 

Fish in Pesto Cream

Spanish Chorizo and Mushroom Penne
The brainchild of Chef Menoy who is an instructor in Center for Culinary Arts and one of the founders of culinary school Professional Academy for Culinary Education, Tito Chef Express pays homage to its southern counterpart Tito Chef and All Things Culinary in BF Paraรฑaque and gives food services for Microtel Acropolis as its official food provider and partner for all-day dining and in-room needs. Proud to be under the famed umbrella of The Romulo Food Group since 2013, the modern restaurant in the metro north captured the hearts of foodies in Eastwood area who love to enjoy kitchen-crafted meals, cozy ambiance, and warm service.
Salmon Ramen
Smothered Porkchop
During the press launch, a sumptuous line-up of dishes satisfied the food cravings of each attendee. Affordable and well portioned at the price of PhP 250 for each dish, the menu selection is a perfect choice for people looking for something quickly served and conveniently available anytime within the day. 

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
From the creamy hit of Fish in Pesto Cream to the spicy kick of Salmon Ramen, the juicy punch of American Burger, the savory mix of Barbecued Chicken Jambalaya and the braise attack of Smothered Pork Chop, the Traveler’s Menu had indeed let the taste buds of the guests travel from East to West with its flavors from around the world. 

Tito Chef Express brings a unique and progressive menu that has comfort food delights, which include starters, entrees, pastas, and desserts. The restaurant also offers afternoon tea morsels, breakfast and lunch buffets, full-service catering packages, party trays, and in-house banquets.

From The Romulo Food Group of restaurateurs Enzo and Sandie Squillantini, TITO CHEF EXPRESS is located at the ground floor of Microtel Acropolis, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. For inquiries and reservations, call +632.962.8899 / +63916.343.5331 or email

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