Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pleasure in every bite: The one and only Mr. Cochinillo

The day I fell in love with Mr. Cochinillo

Don't get me wrong with the title ok... haha!  I was just merely showing my adoration for the dear creation of Mr. Cochinillo, and it was amazingly mouth-watering.  But before I dig down into details, let me share with you what happened that rainy evening along EDSA.

We were scheduled to pay a visit to meet Mr. Cochinillo that evening, braving the traffic along EDSA (yeah, what's new), after a short but horrific stint of rain, I look at my time ticking away, while the cars along EDSA lined up like a parking lot, I was losing hope that I would still be able to make it and see Mr. Cochinillo himself and savor his tempting creations.  I was about to call it quits and duly messaged him that I might not be able to make it on time or in fact make it at all, oh how devastated was I.  

But sorrow turned to excitement as I read thru the text on my phone, "We have reserved one Cochinillo, just for you" Oh my!  I just couldn't contain my excitement, and as God-willing traffic seemed to be going my way, suddenly it was all clear on the road to meet Mr. Cochinillo.  Fate it seems, is definitely my night to have a feast with Mr. Cochinillo!

So what is a Cochinillo? A Cochinillo is a pig that is only a few days old and has consumed nothing but breast milk, which shows why it is softer and tastier than your typical lechon. Picked with only the best ones in mind, seasoned and roasted in a customized brick oven for 5 - 6 hours, all the while being basted with his own marinade combined with olive oil. 

"The olive oil makes it the healthier option as well as the fact that roasting is healthy as you allow food to cook in its own juices." Once ready, they are placed in a specially made tampipi. 


As we entered the humble house of Mr. Cochinillo, he greeted us with laughter and excitement, welcoming us with open arms and of course showing off in all her glory, his creation, Cochinillo del Cielo!

Mr. Cochinillo is Mr. Tinee de Guzman, a food photographer who just loves to cook!


We couldn't resist much longer, as the Cochinillo del Cielo was sitting pretty waiting for us.  Mr. Cochinillo took to the helm, gave the "platito" (saucer) to wifey, (I'm on the camera of course), and showed us how crispy his Cochinillo del Cielo is, that you can just cut right through the skin and meat in just one dash of the saucer.

And you just hear, how crisp the Cochinillo del Cielo was, as it cuts through the meat and just like that!  Joan was simply amazed how crispy it was, me too! A dish mastered by Mr. Cochinillo, I think I may have heard heaven open their doors for me, oh Cochinillo here I come..

Oh just look at that amazing piece of Cochinillo del Cielo, wouldn't you wish you were in my shoes.

And as Tinee has showed the way, Joan took over the chores and relentlessly poured her heart out with every slice.  "Oohh! that's hot" as Tinee exclaims with juices flowing in every crisp moment.  This is a moment indeed worth capturing.

But having Cochinillo del Cielo that night was not enough for Mr. Cochinillo himself, pair it with hot white rice or better yet see the magical creation below.

Tinees' Seafood Fideua

A Paella like no other, using noodles instead of rice, adorned with shrimps, mussels, and squid is a welcome complement to the rich tasting Cochinillo del Cielo. I recommend you try his Seafood Fideua with your order of Cochinillo, it will make your world go round, I promise.

We have so much at our plate, but it seems never enough, as I kept coming back for 2nd's and 3rd's!  Trust me you will as well.  As the night wound down and all of our foodie friends were feeling their tummies filling up, it was a night of contentment and with no regrets.  Thank you Mr. Cochinillo for a night to remember.

As you can see, the battle ended and we won!  Haha  Wanna have a taste of Mr. Cochinillo's creations? 

Cochinillo del Cielo

Regular size good for 8 - 12 people at P6,000
Large size good for 14 - 18 people at P7,000

Seafood Fiduea/Fideo

Regular size for 14 - 18 people at P4,000
Large size good for 26 - 30 people at P6,500

You can reach him will nos. 0999.881.0810 and 02.633.0043
or email your orders to

Please do advance order 3 - 5 days and pick up (sorry there's no delivery option) at #5 Parakeet Drive, Greenmeadows, Quezon City.

Hope you do enjoy Mr. Cochinillo's Cochinillo del Cielo and Seafood Fiduea as much as we did.  See you in our next food adventure.

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