Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Katsufor200 at Yabu PowerPlant mall this October 20th!

Katsu for 200 is coming!  Are you ready!  Don't know what it's all about?  All I can say is where have you been all your life!

So what is Katsu for 200?  Katsu for 200 is the promo offer for a newly opened Yabu House of Katsu branch and the first 200 people who will line up in Yabu Rockwell on October 20, 2014 will get FREE Katsu

What you need to know about KatsuFor200?

The doors to Rockwell will open at 11AM. Line up as early as you can.

Yabu will start counting the first 200 on the line outside the Yabu store in Rockwell, Guards and directional signages are there to guide you.

Only 200 people will be allowed to line up.

Guard your line. This is to prevent people from cutting in.

Please be reminded that we only have seats for 70 people, the rest of the participants will need to remain in line until there are available seats for you.

Tables will be shared between different groups.

There will be no takeout of leftovers, no side orders or desserts.

Refreshments will be served while you wait.

So are you ready to line up for this amazingly FREE treat from Yabu?  See you on the 20th! #yabupowerplant #katsufor200

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