Monday, October 20, 2014

Osaka Ohsho Launches Brand New Gyoza Flavors

Bacon and Cheese Gyoza

Fall in love with New Gyoza Flavors at Osaka Ohsho

Japan’s renowned “King of Gyoza”, Osaka Ohsho, goes back to its’ bread and butter with the launch of their NEW Bacon & Cheese savory gyoza and their NEW Peanut Butter & Banana dessert gyoza!  

Picture crunchy, honey cured bacon bits & gourmet cheeses blended w/ lean ground pork meat, shredded cabbage, garlic, & ginger in a Japanese flour wrap then steamed & pan seared to a perfectly soft & crisp texture balance.  Best enjoyed w/ Osaka Ohsho’s original, & chili oil gyoza sauces, the NEW Bacon & Cheese gyoza is available in 6 pc. and 12 pc. orders priced at P 190 and P 380 respectively.

Peanut butter and banana dessert gyoza

As a unique flavor twist to the traditional savory gyoza, Osaka Ohsho is also launching the Peanut Butter & Banana dessert gyoza!  Think mini-crepes served Japanese style, indulging in this singular dessert treat of Jif Crunchy Peanut Butter and caramelized bananas is sure to be a treat for kids and adults alike.  Enjoy this with a side of vanilla ice cream for only P210. 

Hurry and visit Osaka Ohsho at the 3rd level of the SM Mega Fashion Hall as these Brand New Gyoza Flavors are available for a limited time only for your unmitigated dining pleasure!

Osake Ohsho is renowned as Japan's # 1 gyoza specialist with over 360 stores in Japan.  Now in Thailand, Singapore, Shanghai China, Korea, Hong Kong and the Philippines, Osaka Ohsho is widely recognised to serve the world's No. 1 gyoza!  Be on the look out for the second Philippines branch opening at the Mall of Asia this December 2014.

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