Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let's Holdak it! - the real Korean Fried Chicken


Holdak Chicken
The real Korean Fried Chicken!


Somewhere between Myeongdong and Sta. Mesa (wow spanning 2 countries!) is a Korean chicken place I have an affair with that my wife does not know about, and I just love their chicks! I mean their Fried Chicken! haha don't tell Joan.


So what is Holdak?  Sure we have all heard and tasted Bon Chon, which originates from America, Chicken Charlie, from the creative minds of our fellow countrymen here in the Philippines and now Holdak.  All claiming to be the real Korean Fried Chicken, but truth of the matter is, the double fried chicken didn't really come from Korea but it was the USA, so can I indulge you to take this taste trip and have a bite of Korean fried chicken?  Let's go!


Holdak chicken uses succulent boneless chicken thighs fried to perfection and Holdak's signature sauces that emphasise original Korean flavours with a twist, come together seamlessly and offer customers a taste of what real Korean fried chicken truly is.

Immerse yourself in 4 unique flavours, crisp boneless chicken thighs in Yang-nyam, Spicy Yang-nyam, Padak and Jack Daniels.


The Original Korean style fried chicken with Holdak special sauce, makes for a combination of sweet, sour and salty flavors all rolled into one.  You have got to get these first.

Spicy Yang-Nyam

The same rich flavor of Yang-Nyam with a kick of spice, just enough to entice you more.

Jack Daniels

One of the best sellers- topped with caramelized onions to complement its light and sweet taste, this is Holdak's version of the world famous sauce adjusted to fit the Filipino palate.


My favorite amongst all, with freshly sliced spring onions, this sauce is the culmination of different Korean flavors infused together to bring a zesty Asian flavor that is uniquely Holdak


Get to enjoy Holdak's Fried Chicken for only P99 for a 2 pc with rice meal, P145 for a 3 pc with rice meal.  For the family, get a box of 6s with 1 serving of salad for P279, and box of 12s with 2 servings of salad and choice of 2 sauces for only P549.


Enjoy other treats such as their Pajeon, Cheese Ramen, Salads and Curry fries, which will surely keep you coming back for more, nice ramen bowl right?


Holdak - the real Korean fried chicken
G/F Mezza Residences (SM Hypermarket)
Araneta Ave. cor Aurora Blvd.
(02) - 354-2195

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