Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Date with Pepita - my lechon


Lechon Degustacion at Pepita's Kitchen

There are moments in our lives, we always look upon when we say, "I have indeed lived my life."  And this is indeed one of those moments.  I have been invited to partake in a feast like no other, a feast of Lechon - Lechon Degustation at Pepita's Kitchen.


I was the second guest to arrive, together with wifey, we were amazed on how colorful and delightful the place was set up.  It was one of the homes we have dreamt of having maybe in the future.  Later on friends of our host Ms. Dedet arrived and I was surprised how star-studded that night was.
(from L-R) Mr. Teddy Montelibano of Rouge magazine, Ms. Dedet Dela Fuente of Pepita's Kitchen and Ms. Micky Fenix


What a night of PIG OUT-ing with friends and media greats Chef Dino Datu, Ms. Troy Barrios, Ms. Jean Salonga Fernando of Trip or Treats, Ms.Teresa Arroyo Tirona, Ms. Gel De Rivera, Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen, Ms. Marmi Perez and Mr. Spanky Enriquez.

Now for the stars of the night The Lechons of Pepita's Kitchen.  Who's Pepita by the way?  Ms. Dedet explained to us that she calls her daughters Pepita, thus came the inspiration to name her place Pepita's Kitchen, for her love of her daughters as well as her love for lechon.


Pepita's Kitchen lechon, slow cooked on their custom made furnace to bring out the taste and aroma only Pepita's can give.

What followed that night was an 18-course dinner with a myriad of flavors, a feast of 4 lechons and a full stomach.  Laughter and stories abound as everyone shared their favorites and kissed their diets goodbye.


Pinoy Pate, Pinoy Caviar, Balut Salpicao, Rellenong Bulaklak appetized us well, then our first lechon of the night...


The German Lechon



Cooked with whole onions and potatoes inside the belly, smashed it up and enjoy the crisp skin and the flavor rich meat.. ahhh thinking about it is making me drool once again.


After each lechon treat we were given palate cleansers so that we could get to taste the different lechons without mixing the taste.  The Calamansi Sorbet was the perfect palate cleanser, The Pinoy Carbonara, Eto Naiba, a salad treat of mangoes, vinaigrette and crispy pig intestines oohhh yummy!  But it was Sabachara that intrigued me as the name suggests it was Saba-made atchara, never in my life would I have tasted such a treat!  Thanks Pepitas's Kitchen, totally appetizing!


Next up, The Pinoy Lechon or the Sisig Lechon


Spiced just right!  Yes with a little chili to give you that unbelievably enticing sisig taste, very Pinoy indeed!  I love sisig, but I love this even better.


The Christmas Lechon

Roasted with chestnuts, almonds and nuts, perfect for the festive Holiday seasonGet one this Holiday season for our balikbayan friends spending the Holidays over.


Three lechon down, one to go...The French Lechon


Infused with truffle oil, the aroma was just too hard to resist, even though I admit I was already up my neck with what we have just overcame.  I just had to take a bite, and after that I was in food heaven.


The night ended with an array of delightful dessert treats, such as Guava ice cream, a cereal champorado to cleanse all that cholesterol away, Darna's surprise, an alcohol infused rootbeer float, and Mango Torte.

pepita6Now with all that, please do forgive me for wetting your palates and enticing you to eat more, for what else in this world makes you feel good while enjoying every bite of it right?  Our love for lechons has indeed taken a notch higher, almost all festive celebrations comes with a lechon.  But, with what you have seen here, would you still settle for less?  

With such passion for lechons, Pepita's Kitchen need not even have promotional items on their line up as every bit of the feast is a best-seller and now they are just a phone call away, or even an email away.

You can have the German Lechon, the Pinoy Lechon at P6,500 and the Christmas Lechon and the French Lechon at P6,800 for an average of 7kg lechon.  Prices are subject to change.  Order now and experience food coma.  I believe she will be rolling out her food feasts for the public soon, that is also by reservation only.

Pepita's Lechon by Dedet
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  1. Wow! The food all look scrumptious yet sinful.. haha.. I haven't eaten lechon in a long time so this post really made me crave! :)


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