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Mario's celebrates 40 glorious years : Rediscover the Classic


Mario's is 40 years and going strong

Mario and Nenuca Benitez made their dream come true when they built Mario's right in Session Road, Baguio’s main street, the first Mario’s was born in 1971. Mario upfront and Nenuca in the kitchen.  Word spread fast amongst the locals about a new restaurant downtown, offering delicious food and a very amiable, likeable, very garrulous host with a hearty laugh – Mario himself.

Admittedly I was still not in this world when Mario's was conceived, but seeing the fact that the original Mario's in Baguio and still up and going strong, I would believe that indeed Mario's will stand the test of time and will be a legacy for generations to come.

As the restaurant became known, locals and vacationers flocked to Mario's, Nenuca introduced the Spanish recipes she grew up with, passed on from generation to generation. Then came the signature steak dishes, and finally, its crown jewel; Mario’s Caesar Salad, prepared tableside.  DIVINE and UNREPLICABLE.

Gambas con Chorizo (P345)

Sauteed shrimps with chili and chorizo, the shrimps are amazingly good but the chorizo is totally out of this world, spiced just enough, not to spicy so you could taste the plump shrimps.  Mixed together makes the perfect Gambas indeed.

Paella Valenciana (P595 - for sharing)

Paella made the classic way with seafoods such as alimasag, shrimps, tahong, sided with red and green pepper, hard boiled eggs with mushrooms and pinches of meat is among the favorites since the days in Mario's Baguio, which also is a big hit here in Manila

Mario's Caesar Salad (P375 - for sharing)

made with only the freshest vegetables prepared tableside for the best salad experience, this absolutely made my day.

Oysters Rockefellar (P265/order) with Paella Valenciana

Oysters are baked with spinach with hollandaise sauce, fresh and a great aphrodisiac

Bacalao a la Vizcaina paired with garlic rice

Sweet in taste and full of flavor, a home made delight, makes me think of my lola everytime I get a taste of this, perfect with garlic rice

Salpicon de Mar Y Tierra (P425)

Whole shrimps and soft tenderloin cubes sauteed in olive oil, garlic and chilies on a bed of garlic rice, with fresh vegetables and tomatoes on the side.  Always a treat and always a favorite amongst Mario's regular patrons.

Glazed Pork Chops

A new favorite of customers glazed with guava sauce, 
and it's comes highly recommended

Mango Jubilee (P310)

Mango in a wine glass as I would call it.  Blended with a hint alcohol to give you that kick!
Flamed to get the flavor out of the Mango and into your taste buds,  on top of ice-cold vanilla ice cream!  Oh what a treat it indeed is!  Very addicting...delicious.


Creamy Leche Flan (P95) and the yummy sugar-free Jello (P95)

Bread pudding Toffee Sansrival (P120) and Canonigo (P90) are the dessert favorites.
Another favorite is the Bannofee pie, I will be back for this.


But this totally stole my heart,  I was too excited to have a taste that I forgot what this slice of heaven was even called... could you help me out?  Just post the right answer on my comments section, of course I will confirm with Mario's.  The first one who posts it right will a get a prize from me.  Let's all celebrate 40 years of Mario's and look forward to more years of great food, great company and great times.

Mario's Restaurant
191 Tomas Morato Street 
cor. Sct. Gandia
Quezon City
Tel No. (02)-372-0360; (02)-415-3887

Mario's Baguio
Upper Session Road
Tel No. (074)-4424241

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