Monday, November 7, 2011

KFC BBQ Rods are back!


KFC BBQ Rods are Back!

Did you miss these babies?  Yes they were out for a while, but they're back. KFC's attempt to make BBQ chicken on a stick, which I would say is really far out.  Yes we want them barbecued, that's the idea, but with KFC's original chicken so finger-licking tasty good, just add or shower them with KFC's BBQ sauce and there you have it!!! 

Hope they would stay on the regular menu for good!  Get a stick maybe two and satisfy your cravings!

KFC BBQ Rods are now available at all KFC stores nationwide!  Order for only P65.00 ala-carte, P80.00 for a meal with drinks and if you are really craving for more, you can add additional BBQ rods at only P25.00 each.  Get them now!! And yes they are great with Java rice. 

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