Saturday, March 5, 2011

King One Rotary Hotpot - Shabu-Shabu the right way

The Club only recognizes and recommends one great eat-all-you-can Shabu-shabu place.  No other than King One Rotary Hot Pot. 

This is one food joint we always give priority to, not just because of great food, but great people as well.  Fresh and as always "delicious".

First thing you will notice, and I would say this is the only shabu-shabu eat-all-you-can place where you will find this, is the rotary belt where all the freshest meats and finest eats are displayed for your taking.

The rotary belt extends around 40 - 50 feet long, just imagine how many fresh produce is being flashed upon your midst.

Let me showcase some of them for you.
Freshly sliced beef

Sliced fat beef
Fresh and big shrimps!!
perfectly sliced Lamb meat
Pork Siomai
Sliced Chicken
There are more than 90++ dishes to choose from, put them together in your choice of soup, either clear broth soup, satay soup, the curry soup, well in our case it was the combination soup, split in the middle, as we have brought along some nieces of ours who, for now does not eat spicy foods that satay soup has to offer.  Not that their satay soup is spicy, well the kids just haven't got the hang of it... but surely one day they will.
Let it cook to a boil then you're done!  Eating time!!
My favorites cooked in satay soup, squid balls, shrimp wantons, fish balls and lobster balls!!
But of course, great food must be paired with a great dipping sauce.  That is how shabu-shabu is appreciated.  So to mix your sauce right, get some garlic, leeks, some chili, the delicious satay sauce and finally King One's special shabu-shabu sauce.  I'm salivating as I'm making this post.  Mmmmm.

What is nice about this place is that they not only serve shabu-shabu, but also they serve some delicious ala carte foods as well, as far as I can remember they don't serve ala carte dishes on a separate menu.  

They are more of an add-on to the shabu-shabu promos, so here is how it goes, dine in with 3 of you at least for the shabu-shabu eat-all-you-can, you get to pick 2 dishes from their list, which on our case includes the salt and pepper spare ribs, fried rice and spicy squid, they change this line-up once in a while to have variety.  The more of you that dines, the more dishes you get. Another plus factor is their drink-all-you-can, may it be iced tea or soft drinks for a price of P65, if I'm not mistaken, or try out their other blended fruit shakes.

Eat-all-you-can price for lunch is P479, and for dinner P529.

By the way, if you spot these happy faces, do say Hi to them! 
"The place where you eat, is not just about the food, but the people behind it." - Food alphabet

M2-A Lower Hobbies of Asia,
#8 Macapagal Ave.,
Pasay City
(632) - 5561370

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