Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reyes Barbecue now just a call away with City Delivery 87878

Reyes Barbecue is just a call away 

Reyes Barbecue is now part of City Delivery’s prestigious line-up of restaurants, giving its customers another option to enjoy delicious Reyes Barbecue meals.

Now there's only one number you need to remember 87878.  Whenever our appetite calls to nature, just dial City Delivery’s hotline 87878 and you can order your favorite Reyes Barbecue meals, and other mouthwatering menu items fast. You can even have the whole range of Frank’s Sauces delivered to you, What a treat! Just dial 87878!

Now you can savor Reyes Barbecue delicious meals, anytime, anywhere!!  Call now! 87878!

Visit City Delivery on the world wide web - http://www.citydelivery.com.ph/

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