Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank goodness for Allies wonder peanuts

It was one drizzling night at the office, with so much work still pending, and so little time to finish the jobs assigned, worst of all, my stomach is growling, clamoring for food...wishing there was still something left to munch on at the pantry cabinet.  

As I was going through our mini fridge, looking for something, anything at all to eat.  I was so desperate to find anything to eat.  OH!!! I remember Fran, a good friend did gave me some nuts, yes Allies wonder peanuts from Pampanga, the so-called wonder nuts, my "Club" friends are raving about.  But where is it?  

Ahhh, better call for back-up, I called my office mate who was the master of all things stored hehe, good thing he answered, he said try looking through the top cabinets just above the wine glass rack, not there hmmm... finally he remembered its in the left drawer where we place our bread slicer.  Waaahhh finally found it!  Thank you my good friend... and thank you Fran for these peanuts, you made my day.

These peanuts are not the greasy ones you find in those tin foil package ones.  These are dry toasted, yes dry toasted to perfection.  So they pack less calories and are not greasy, best thing about Allies peanuts?  They got lots and lots of garlic to munch on, be sure to brush your teeth though after the feast.  I can't stop munching on these nuts, they are by far one of the best that I have had in quite some time. The garlic very crispy and tasty and did not leave an oily taste, Oh yes, they are indeed wonder nuts, my hunger was gone in a jiffy. 

Thanks Allies wonder peanuts I guarantee you will be looking for this again, when you finish the whole container.  Ok, ok now back to work.  But wait let me share with you where you can buy this.
You can find them at Ya Kun Kaya Toast at G/F FERN Building (behind UA&P) Escriva Drive (formerly Amber Avenue) corner Gen. Araneta, Ortigas, Pasig City. Tel no. (02) 470-4285.  Priced at only "P160".  I can assure you will get your money's worth, nuts are healthy and can be a good way to balance your diet and best of all can give you quality snack time.

Let's support made in the Philippines!!  Proudly Philippine Made.

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